Geography as an Optional for Civil Services Exam

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Geography as an Optional for Civil Services Exam

It is true that GEOGRAPHY is a very popular subject amongst all the optional subjects in Union Public Service Commission Examination. Remember always that when you prepare for geography as an optional, you are not preparing for general studies paper but for optional paper and therefore technique needs to be more in depth. So all current affairs topics must be seen & analysed from a geographical point of view. Once can have studied a topic, try to identify it on the map.

How to Study

Utilization of outlines, maps, flowcharts and illustrations is a must in your answers. Charts rearrange the main elements of an answer & enhance presentation also additionally.

Follow the rule of one diagram for one answer passage
. In questions, where the need of a graph may not be evident, you may nevertheless still attempt to draw minimum of one. A few parts like physical setting, soil, environment, and so forth can be done easily from Khullar’s book named India A Comprehensive Geography. Others like minerals, horticulture, industry, transport and so on just need a simple reading. Anyway investigate the maps & critical spots such as you must know significant mines in the critical coal regions of India, real national roadways and so on. It is better to study minimum number of books; however it ought to be revised routinely. For mapping, try to recognize places that have been in news such as Jaitapur (in news because of nuclear plant) etc.

Suggested Booklist for Geography

• Savindra Singh’s book on Geography

• Goh Che Leong

• NCERT both class 11 and 12

• Human Geography and Evolution Of Geographical Thought by Majid  Hussain

• Indian Geography by Khullar

• Geographic theories by K.Siddartha or Majid Husain

• Any good Atlas

High Value Topics

Factors controlling landform development, Origin and evolution of the earth’s crust and geomagnetism; Physical conditions of the earth’s interior; Geosynclines; Continental drift; Isostasy; Plate tectonics.

In Human geography which is a very high value topic developed on recent times, one must prepare ecology, adaptations; Influence of man on ecology and environment; Global and regional ecological changes and imbalances; Ecosystem their management and conservation; Environmental degradation, management and conservation; Biodiversity and sustainable development; Environmental policy; Environmental hazards and remedial measures; Environmental education and legislation.

You must also cover topics related to world development such as gender gap reports, world resources and their distribution energy crisis and limits to growth, how did industries evolve, cultivation of cotton, jute, textile, iron and steel, aluminium, fertilizer, paper, chemical and pharmaceutical, automobile, cottage and agro-based industries; Industrial houses and complexes including public sector undertakings; Industrial regionalisation; New industrial policies; Multinationals and liberalization; Special Economic Zones; Tourism including eco -tourism.

In work geography, one must take care to first prepare thoroughly issues in agriculture and agricultural regions. Moreover, high value topics include agricultural inputs and productivity, problems with food security, Famine and their causes, how to remedy famines and food shortages, a focus of industries prevalent and their distribution, location based patterns and problems and various patterns in world trade.

For effectively answering less important questions such as issues & prospects of agro-based commercial enterprises, use clever relationship to compose great answers. For eg: issues of agro businesses are identified with geomorphology, atmosphere, transportation, nature of labour and so on.


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