Study Strategy for Civil Services Exam

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Study Strategy for Civil Services Exam

There are four papers for General Studies in the new pattern of Civil Services Mains Exam. So it is important to prepare keeping in mind the fact that the gravity of Civil Services Mains examination has now moved to General Studies, and hence a smart candidate should also prepare likewise. Scores of General Studies have turned into make or break aspect of the civil services exam.

Understudies ought to experience current National issues and subjects of social importance, real happenings at the national level amid the last one datebook year. Issues of social pertinence that influence the lives of individuals ought to dependably be managed in point of interest. National daily papers, news magazines, diaries and periodicals are great wellspring of data to plan points identified with diverse papers of General Studies. Here is strategy for each one paper as indicated by its syllabus.

Indian Heritage and Culture:

Try to prepare this subject just like a story. Don’t try to mug things up but draw linkages, charts and find similarities. Compare with scenarios and then write notes. Don’t leave out any portion of the syllabus and cover everything. The general pattern is that there are no repetitions generally from last year papers but still it is always better to prepare everything. The part identifying with Indian legacy and society will cover all perspectives from ancient to present day times. History and Geography of the world society, candidate should focus on human and monetary angles. There could be inquiries focused around the Human Development Report arranged by United Nations Development Program. The World Development Report of World Bank bargains in diverse parts of financial topography and such regions ought to be focused in readiness of GS paper one.

Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations:

Cover all budgetary allocations and in particular regions like nuclear energy, assembling of military products and social justice. Supreme Court judgments and various aspects of Indian political framework should be covered in detail. India’s remote approach with India’s association with rest of the world is very important. Indian’s relations with significant world forces like US, China, Russia, France, UK and European Union ought to be covered in detail.

Economic Development, Environment and Disaster Management:

Scientific and innovative advancement of the most recent years, with importance on improvement of AIDS treatment, organism research, non-renewable resources of energy, Indian space program, economy and issues identified with taxes, Foreign Direct Investment and disinvestment arrangement. Ecological security is huge issue nowadays. In wake of 2013 Uttarakhand tragedy, the issue of calamity administration has picked up.

Ethics paper :

Ethics is another area that is included from 2013. This is a greater amount of general nature and answers can be encircled on the spot however some fundamental understanding of the ideas. The issues connected with it are similar to, debasement, bribery, criminal propensities, doing things that are unlawful and so forth. Special criterion should be given to morals and honesty segment.

This is a wide strategy for each paper in general studies but one can also include more resources. There is no short cut to success and regular study and revision is a must.

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