10 Golden Tricks of Cracking IIT JEE

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10 Golden Tricks of Cracking IIT JEE

People who dream big have much of the toil behind their brain than those who have low goals. If you are the one who aspire to be an IITian, you need to go through much more conflict and drudgery than other students. The though pathway of IIT demands literal hard work and will power to walk on it. Let us go, through some tricks to achieve this honor:

• Don’t ignore your board exams

Generally, students who prepare for IIT ignore their board exam, which is totally wrong. If you aspire to become an IIT student, the first step is to master your board exams. The belief that ignoring these exams will help you in IIT exam is false. Good studies for board exams only increase your potential to achieve the top ranks.

• Select professional IIT coaching institute

Don’t follow along with the miracle stories of students who cracked the JEE entrance exams without going to any coaching class. This case is for one in hundred students. You may not be that one among the hundred. Understand your way of learning and decide accordingly which coaching class or guidance you require. Generally, the professional IIT coaching classes have a focused syllabus with focused ways of teaching. They hire affluent staff with skills in particular subjects and topics which helps you to understand the subject with the in depth knowledge and vision.

• Go through the basics

Are you trying to leap directly on advance study without fortifying your basics? You are following the wrong path then. First, revise the basics of all the three subjects. Practice them well to create a better understanding of it. Then, try some advance study. Remember, a building without a though base is prone to fall.

• Avert long study sessions

Remember! Long study sessions are likely to increase your stress, which leads you towards silly mistakes in the examination. Avoid studying whole night or for a long time, especially before the examination. Break up your study plans in small units to increase your potential of understanding all the topics you read.

• Do regular study & practice

You cannot build the Rome in a day. It needs continuous practice with persistency. The first step of becoming an IITian is acquiring the in depth knowledge of the subject, then comes the understanding of its application. Practice hard to understand the application of the logic you have studied. It increases your speed and accuracy which are the key points to achieve the success in IIT JEE.

• Acquire deep knowledge of topics

Superficial knowledge of any subject will not do. You need to work by day and toil by night to gain a deep understanding of every topic. The questions asked in IIT require deeper knowledge of all the three subjects. Remember in IIT strengthening the basics is the key to success.

• Time management

All the JEE aspirants usually face a common obstacle i.e. time management. What they should do is proper time distribution. It is required for all the IIT students to know their potential time of learning. They should evaluate the time required by them for learning and solving problems. Also, they should increase their speed accordingly with the required accuracy.

• Don’t skip practices

Are you getting bit overconfident and not practicing regularly? This might become the main reason for your failure. Yes. Don’t skip any of your practice even if you feel damn confident about that topic. Do, do and redo it to achieve the success.

• Solve previous IIT JEE papers

Bring a book of previous IIT test papers and solve them to understand the pattern of IIT exams. You may understand some key points of preparing for the exams from these papers. Solve them thoroughly to acquaint yourself with the pattern of JEE exams.

• Strike a balance between studies and entertainment

There is no need of isolating yourself from the world to crack IIT JEE. This is a kind of misconception spread by some insane who might not be having a social circle himself. Human being always loves to socialize. Once you complete your daily study hours you should cater your hobbies and friendship as doing this will cent percent gives relaxation to the mind and makes you more fresh and active for the next day’s study hours. Remember a happy mind yields more results than a tired and unhappy brain.

Being an IIT aspirant, remember to strike a balance between your rest, amusement and study. While studying doesn’t ignore sleep and vice versa. Minimum 8 hours of sleep is important for students to stabilize their brain for the next task. Also, it is important not to skip the planned schedule.

Once you plan your schedule according to the above mentioned tricks and follow it with passion you will never feel overloaded with syllabus due to its proper distribution and definitely succeed in the examination.

Wish you best luck for IIT JEE 2015!

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