10 Part-Time Jobs for Students studying Abroad

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Abroad study costs a ton and especially students studying abroad are always in search of part time jobs that can supplement their expenses by earning themselves a few bucks, so that, they can pay off their bills and cover other expenses. But the big question is: How can you make money when you are studying? The answer is really simple: get your hands on good part-time jobs! Part-time jobs allow the students to earn some bucks as well as complete their studies at the same time.

Check out the following list of a few part-time jobs that you can help you earn some extra cash while studying


Become a tutor and earn good cash. If you excel at a subject and believe that you can help out other students who may be having problems with, then take this advice seriously and get registered on websites such as Chegg and Tutor. Once you create a profile, your background is verified by the respective websites. Then you can set up your profile and hourly rates. Select the subjects you feel you are confident in and start your first tutoring class.


You might have by now known the importance of doing internships. So why not start searching for internships right away. Many companies offer flexible work timings for students so you do not have to wait till your holiday season. Moreover you do not have to work seven days a week. Most companies require their interns to work for an hour or two a couple days in a week. All you need to do is use your skills to make the best of the experience.


This might seem like a foreign term to most Indians as most of us might not have heard the term before. A baby sitter is someone who is paid, usually by the hour, to care for another person’s children. A babysitter usually spends an evening or an afternoon at someone’s house, playing with or caring for kids while their parents are away. If you have free schedule, you can cash in the opportunity to make good money.

Working in a restaurant

In India, working at a restaurant as a waiter or a helper might be looked upon as working beneath ones dignity. But it is not the same in western countries. Every job and worker is given the same respect and dignity. There is no shame in working as a waiter there. Lookout for restaurants in and around your neighborhood and apply if there are any vacancies. The tips you receive on top of your salary will add as a bonus.

Serve at a retail store

This is somewhat similar to that of working at a restaurant. If working at a restaurant doesn’t suit you, try looking up for vacancies at local super markets and malls. If you are a marketing student, working at a retail store gives you firsthand experience along with extra cash.

Research assistant-ships

Most universities have openings for assistant-ships. Whether it is an office assistant, a teaching assistant or a research assistant, all of the assistant-ship part-time opportunities pay much better than other part-time opportunities. You only have to work for just a few hours per week.

Work at an animal shelter

If you are an animal lover and want to do good for the community, you can consider working at an animal shelter or a local zoo park. One good way to know if there are any vacancies is simply walk up to the animal shelter and talk to the person in charge of recruiting. If there are no vacancies immediately, he might call you up when a vacancy is created.

Sales consultant

If you are someone with very good speaking skills and if you have the power to convince someone to buy a product with your words, then sales consultancy is what you should look into. Work usually includes selling specific products of a brand to customers in malls and at fairs.


Freelancing is a sure to fire way to earn good cash. Freelance means a person who is self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. Checkout websites like Upwork and Freelancer for freelancing opportunities. You can freelance on a wide range of categories; you can write articles, take photographs, design web content and what not. All you need to do is find out what you are good at and use it to your advantage for earning money from home.

Arts and Crafts

If you are good at sketching or crafting, use it to your advantage by selling your works online to the customers who want to buy handmade stuff. Popular website to sell craft works is Etsy. Create an account and start selling.

Hope you’ve liked this post. Now before you go start earning some extra cash, share this post with your friends too because, sharing is caring just like I do. Post your comments below and let me know of your earning streaks.

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  1. The Student Visa will not allow to do most of the above mentioned part time jobs. Before taking up any part time job they should study the Visa rules and the sponsored University norms to do the job.

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