6 Tips For Students Studying In Europe

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Europe is certainly one of the most popular destinations for students who are devoted to studying abroad. Not only does it have some of the world’s best and highest ranked Universities, but also very diverse cultures where you get to see and meet different people from all regions of the world.

The best part about studying in Europe is that you are only a short train or bus ride away from another country. You certainly won’t be stuck in one city for the entire amount of time, and you shouldn’t be! While you’re at it, make sure you visit the Big Ben, the Tower of Pisa, and Platform 9 and ¾. (Not so sure about the last one, but it’s worth a find!)

Apart from the predictable and exciting locations or diverse cultures, here’s what you need to know before you step in to the “Big E” continent for your studies.

Tip 1 – Buy a Guidebook

There are plenty of guidebooks sold at reasonable costs to newbie students. The guidebook is a great way to know your way around a city. The best places, sights, restaurants, cuisines, and places for entertainment will be included with maps. Some great travel guide books include the “Let’s Go” series. They take account of all you need to know about Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe, and other major regions.

Tip 2 – Hostel World

Hostelworld is a great website for booking your hostel ahead of time. Firstly, it’s best to book your hostel as early as possible, possibly several weeks earlier. Otherwise, you will end up searching several hostels to find just the right place for you which may or may not be in your budget. Some of the “cheaper” and more reasonable choices are usually filled up early. So, try not to pick a hostel after you arrive.
Secondly, be careful about where you are booking your hostel. Check if the hostel has an official website and an email address. Search for reviews and testimonials to be sure you know where you are spending money, especially if they ask for an upfront payment.

Tip 3 -Befriend People

Most people in Europe are pretty friendly and asking them around for help is a great way to get to know your way around the place. Instead of fishing through loads of paper or websites, try to talk to other people in your hostel, your program, or your University. Ask for tips on laundry, internet, restaurants, food, assignment writing, or wherever else you think you need help.

Tip 4 –  Set a Weekly Budget

This is important for any and all foreign students. Since you are going to be a European student, you need to keep track of where your Euros are going! You can set up an account at a nearby bank for debit or credit collections. Or you can rely on cash (however, it’s not advisable for a horde of reasons). Keep track of where your money is going and try not to spend too much on nightlife or leisurely travel!

Tip 5 – Grab an International Student ID Card

Student ID cards can be bought at Target.com , Apple store, and many other locations. You will be receiving discounts wherever you go and that will save you tons of money. Remember, each Euro counts!

Tip 6 – Bus/Subway Passes

This is probably the first thing you’ll want to do when you enter the country. Europe is all about public transportation and it is pretty cost-efficient. Consider buying a monthly bus or subway pass. Taxi Cabs are way more expensive and often not an affordable option for most foreign students.

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