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National Assessment and Accreditation Council

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an autonomous organization which accredits and assesses the level of higher educational institutions from all over our country. It sets a benchmark for all the educational institutions in India. If you want to know how to know the standard of an organization checking for its NAAC accredits is the easiest way to do it.

Started in the year of 1994, it was founded by the Government of India with the sole purpose of maintaining standard among the numerous educational institutions which are built to meet the students’ needs. With its headquarters in Bangalore, it is run by the agency executive Dr. S. C. Sharma.As India consists of a diverse form of educational practices, the need to maintain a high-class standard has become very essential for students in India.

Mission and vision followed by NAAC

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council have followed a set of mission and vision for all the years they have functioned. Some of their mission statements are as follows:

  • Making quality of higher education in India to have equality
  • Arranging accreditation and assessment periodically in all higher educational institutions
  • Promoting quality of research and learning
  • Undertake training programs
  • Join stakeholders for quality promotion, sustenance and evaluation

This organization takes their mission and vision seriously and works hard to maintain them from the time NAAC was started. No wonder the government of India has full confidence on the work of this prestigious institute. The staffs who work at NACC support in all the activities for the institute to reach new heights.

Best features of National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Checking the accreditation’s and eligibility criteria of the institutions has led to finding the best points and worst points of certain institutions. The process of grading them makes it easy for students as well as parents who are in search of good quality institutions. The assessment outcome given by National Assessment and Accreditation Council is considered with the upmost importance and care.

Students from any part of our country can choose an institute by just looking at the ranking list given by NAAC. NAAC provides ranking lists from time to time without any delay so that people can benefit from the same.

Applying for NAAC

For the ease of educational institutes, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council developed a special website in which the institutes can apply online without leaving the comfort of their chairs. All it takes is a few minutes and internet connection to get any educational institute to get the NAAC credits. The options for applying online have given the opportunity for almost all institutions to get themselves accredited.The main page of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council has all the details which can be understood by anyone. There are even options where you can post your queries and get answers by their personal staff.  And for those who have some grievances, there are also options to mention them. It is with great care that these grievances and enquires are noted and answered.

With the fierce competition to get students for their institutions, it has become very important for higher study institutions to gain NAAC accredits. Just to include accredits given by NAAC in their institute portfolio raises their level of acceptance among people from all corners of India.

In conclusion, parents of this generation are generally concerned if they are making the right choice when they select institutes for higher education for their children. They can breathe a sigh of relief if they know that the National Assessment and Accreditation Council have approved it. Check out for the NAAC credits to make sure you select the top institute for your future!





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