Andhra Government Announced Land Pooling Policy at Vijayawada for new capital

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Andhra Pradesh Government has announced new policy for land pooling to build new state capital located nearby Vijayawada in Guntur district. This policy is announced by the CM of Andhra Pradesh Government, Mr. N Chandrababu Naidu.
The main aim of this policy is to secure 30,000 acres land in order to construct a riverfront capital city and green-field on southern side of Krishna River. To build up world-class capital city will be prepared by the government of Singapore.

On 9th Dec 2014 the land polling is started in the capital. In this polling of land approx 22, 405 farmers of 29 villages are agreed to part with their field. A sum of Rs 200 crore is provided as debt relief by the government. Each farmer will get Rs 1.5 lakh as one time settlement.
In press conference the chief minister said that

Farmers who give their lands for the capital will get immense benefits as I promised to render justice to all. This will be the best land pooling package on offer in the country and we will build a world-class capital city for which the Singapore government will prepare the masterplanMr. N Chandrababu Naidu

According to government policy packages farmers owning commercial plots of 200 square yards and residential plot of 1000 square yards as compensation for each acre given to the government of Andhra Pradesh. And dry land owner will be paid 30,000 per annum as compensation for next ten years with hike of 10% in every year.
Wet land owner would be 300 square yards of commercial plots and 1,000 square yards of residential land in proposed zone closer to existing lands with 50,000 per annum compensation with same hike as dry land.

Further Chandrababu said “We will commence land pooling process from tomorrow and first issue an authorisation letter to land owners. In the next nine months, they will get Land Pooling Ownership Certificate and the land will be developed with necessary infrastructure in the next three years”

Further CM of Andhra Pradesh said that they will write to the central government to seeking capital exemption of income tax and gains tax to land owner who is ready to part their land in the capital city of the state.

However the government will act as rules and regulation if owner is not ready to come forward to part land in pooling system then they will imply the Land Acquisition Act. And under this act owner will stand to lose the land so everyone is required to ready to construct the capital city.

With the construction of capital city a lot opportunities will available for employments for youth. Not only youth but also 12,000 agriculture labour and farmers will get benefited. May skilled development centers will be opened for youth employment. And upto Rs. 25 lakh will be arranged for youth by the government to set up the business, as the CM said.

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