Anthropology as an Optional for Civil Services Exam

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Anthropology as an Optional for Civil Services Exam

Anthropology is maybe the main optional subject, the syllabus of which has been cut definitely. While geology may not stay as lucrative on account of critical upgrade in syllabus yet all the more significant. History, may get to be better optional for scoring but anthropology is far better. Science subjects, regardless of being scoring, may stay as tricky.

In spite of the fact that Anthropology may not increase its old syllabus soon, it is clear to see great days once more. On account of erasing of outdated of themes – Twins, Reproductive Biology, Development Anthropology, Ethnicity and so on – it is prone to be mainstream again with applicants, of social sciences/trade foundation. Due to lessening in the substance of anthropological thought, research philosophy and demography, it is prone to recover its fame among aspirants.

Book List for Anthropology-

• P.Nath is a very good book/Das. Nath is very useful for overall preparation  also.
• Social anthropology by Majumdar
• Makhan jha’s book of anthropology
• Indian anthropology by R.N. Sharma
• Indian anthropology by Nadeem Hasnan

An analyis of anthropology paper reveals the following changes in syllabus-

Paper I (No changes or little change, changes listed in brackets)

Introduction (Meaning & Scope);Institutions (Marriage, Family, Kinship etc.); Anthropological Thought (much reduced, specified); Medical Anthropology; Communication Anthropology (Newly Added); Research Methodology (Reduced); Cultural Evolution; Evolution and Genetics (without twins, reproductive biology); Primates; Race (Reduced); Human physical growth; Human adaptability; Genetical demography (reduced significantly); Applications (Reduced); ethnoarcheology.

All in all, humanities stream has ended up positive to everyone as a discretionary. The new syllabus is a great deal more streamlined and vagueness and discrepancies of past syllabus have been removed to a significant degree through some still continue. This is a better optional in light of these reasons because the changed syllabus is significantly all the more clearly defined.

Aspirants don’t have to change their technique preparation also as new changes are few and very little new themes (e.g. dating routines, ethno –archeology) may be asked as short notes while primitive tribal diagrams may be asked as exposition sort.

As Anthropology, by its cause, is situated experimentally, the answers ought to be written to the point. For this, you ought to have great practice of composing answers and getting them assessed. The new syllabus is around 25 percent new, but it is more scoring. Try to attempt physical anthropology questions first as they are more scoring. Always draw diagrams and flow charts whenever you can as the examiner prefers going through it rather than reading information in bulk. For themes such as bonded labour where diagrams are not possible, you may give a cycle showing changes through the cultural sphere and its various aspects.

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