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The first step towards becoming an Architect in India is to clear the Architecture paper of the JEE or to clear the NATA (National Aptitude Test for Architecture) that is organized by COA (Council of Architecture). These exams are held every year.

Caution: Most people, who have no interest in design and architecture, get easily disenchanted and feel lost. Hence we advise you to please read our previous article – an introduction to architecture.
If you are really passionate about this field, it is mandatory to get a rank good enough to get admitted into some of the finest and top architecture colleges. It is because; the type of education in top tier colleges will be at par international standards. The exposure to international architecture and its specifics will be to the maximum and will help you in molding accordingly. Remember the adage: the surroundings shape your character and attitude! A degree from a reputed college means you get to take up internships from top notch firms. Most importantly when it comes to job placements, the degree itself is enough to get you offers from several national and international companies who pay heftily. You’ll feel the difference as you compare yourself with others in terms of education and career prospects received.

If you happen to get admit at a tier II or tier III college you can supplement your education by attending various seminars, reading magazines, research blogs and following design forums on the internet. But make sure that the college you join is recognized by the COA (Council of Architecture). The duration of the course is usually five years.

Possible Career Choices for Architecture Graduates

Possible career choices after you graduate are: higher education, a job in an architectural firm, starting your own practice.

Higher Education

Higher education offers some excellent avenues to tread upon such as Urban Design, Housing, etc. It depends on your interest. Some people for the sake of career /stream change opt for it and pursue planning / management.

Job Prospects

If you take up a job after your graduating in India, the starting salary ranges between INR 3, 00,000 – 3, 60,000 a year. An experienced professional with 7-8 years of exp receives a salary of around INR 12, 00,000 or more a year. If you happen to go for abroad education and succeed in getting a job there, the usual salary figures range $50,000 – $60,000 a year.

A student from a tier II college in India who manages to get a job with a real estate developer can fetch you a salary of INR 1,00,000 – 1,50,000 in initial stages and is increased with experience and quality of work. Some big real estate giants in India are DLF, Atkins, etc.

Setting up own Business

With experience one can go ahead and set up his own firm. It is important to establish relations with all the people in your business as contacts help you get connected to potential clients. If you are interested in this regard, follow the steps below that guide you to set up a business firm of your own. With reputation the business may grow tenfold in terms of revenue and business.

Firstly, get registered as an architect with the COA (Council of Architecture) and obtain the license to practice. Then, get empanelled with the Development Authority of the city you are established in. now is the time to register your firm with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. You need to seek the help of a practicing Chartered Accountant.

The standards of architect’s fee vary from city to city as well as the reputation, skill and experience of the firm. There is scope to extend your business services into the allied fields such as interior design, landscape, roof gardens, etc.
For any of this to happen a degree from a reputed college is essential. We present the top colleges in India to study architecture in our following article. So stay tuned!

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