planning and organization skills

Importance of Planning and Organizing skill in Employability Sector

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ime is a valuable resource for any professionals. Inefficient use of time means wasted money and lost business opportunities. Therefore to effectively use time planning and organization is very necessary. So what is planning? Does it refer to deciding ahead what is to be done and the way it’s to be done? For instance, you decide in advance where to …

Importance of Flexibility Skill

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Nowadays there is a growing demand for more flexible work arrangements. Working part time, staggering start and finish times, teleworking, taking extended leave, staging retirement or phasing a return from leave—all these and more are finding their way into workplaces. Flexible working in simple word refers to a working schedule that is different from normal working hours. It means that …

prolem solving

Introduction to Problem Solving Techniques

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Problem Solving Techniques Problem-solving is a process that a person uses it to reduce the gap between his present situation and goal. We always try many ways in our daily life to make decisions. But problem-solving skill teaches us to think “outside the box”. That’s why it is very important to apply a creative approach to solve any problem. Problem-solving …

Fighting a dreaded disease: The blessing of Cancer drugs

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ancer was indeed a dreaded word once upon a time but not any longer. This is because Chemotherapy or the application of cytotoxic anticancer drugs has developed remarkably since the Nineties and which damages cancer cells to a point where they are rendered incapable of growing and reproducing. The chemotherapeutic process works most effectively on cells that grow actively and …

Advantages of Paperless transactions and plastic money

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ost businesses are unaware that they spend nearly 31% of the average working day’s time looking for documents. Moreover, substantial time and value is also lost by way of misplaced or lost documents which involve double effort and time to replace or get back. This calls for a paperless situation which has some tremendous benefits. Storage is easy: Your digital …

Why electricity is mandatory for modern living?

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an we think of a life without electricity? Probably not. This is more so as the free flow of electrons, otherwise called electricity, has become an inextricable part of our daily lives and influences every notable aspect of it. Communication Today we talk of the golden age of communications. If there weren’t computers and other assorted gadgets powered by electricity, …

radio concept

Across the ether: The Radio concept

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What is Radio? ireless communication, which is the order of the day has only been possible with the discovery of the radio over eight decades ago. Radio technology is all about the use of radio waves to transmit information, particularly through sound by the systematic modulation of electromagnetic energy waves that are transmitted over space like frequency, amplitude, pulse width …

internet turning world into global village

Internet: Turning the world into a Global Village.

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lanet Earth has a different name now: It’s also called a Now why’s that? The answer is simple. Rapid and perpetual advancements in science and technology have certainly affected our lives. Distances simply don’t matter anymore. A person living in India reaches out to another in New York in minutes! Would that have been possible a century ago? Rather, we …

personal computers revolution

How Personal Computers have revolutionized our lives?

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magine a life without computers in today’s world. The whole concept of communications,  utilities, education and health care would perhaps have been radically different. The inevitable question that now arises is: How then have computers revolutionized our lives? Communications Lets’s take the communication aspect first. The personal computer has unfailingly brought people the world over closer through e-mails, chatting, mobile …