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How to get your school UDISE number

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About U-DISE U-DISE code stands for UNIFIED DISTRICT INFORMATION SYSTEM for EDUCATION. Its currently in use for many school related operations in India.It helps to organize and classify all school data across country.You can get any school information with this number.This codes are somewhat difficult to remember.Because these are long about 13 characters . But if you forgot your school …

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Happy Womens Day- Oath to respect and protect

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Happy Womens day to all Happy Womens Day.Women are our Family member,Women are our Freinds,Women are our Staff member,They are every where.Without them we are nothing.Lets celebrate theirs day. Lets celebrate Womens Day with this video.Video by..EmotionalFulls Emotionalfulls Facebook Page Happy Womens Day We wish you Happy Women’s day to all of Women of the world. Every day is yours! …

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Lok Sabha election 2014 – Figures and Facts

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Lok Sabha Election-2014 Lok Sabha Election of India began from 7th April, 2014 ended on 12th May, 2014. The Lok Sabha Election of 2014 was the 16th General Election of India which proved to be successful for Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). Figures and Facts of  Lok Sabha Election 2014 The Lok Sabha Election of 2014 was, in fact the longest …