asian games 2014

Asian Games 2014

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sian games or Asiad is multi-sport event that takes place every four years and as its name indicates only athletes from Asia are allowed to participate. The most recent Asian games were conducted from September 19th to October 4th, 2014 at Incheon, South Korea . It was the 17th Asian games to ever take place. The right to host the …

upsc engineering services exam 2017

Posts Offered through UPSC Engineering Services Exam 2017

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List of Posts offered through UPSC Engineering Services Exam 2017 : Civil Engineering: Group-A Services /Posts Indian Railway Service of Engineers Indian Railway Stores Service Central Engineering Service Indian Ordnance Factories Service AWM/JTS Central Engineering Service (Roads), Group-A Central Water Engineering Service Gr ‘A’ Survey of India Group ‘A’ Service. AEE in Border Roads Engineering Service Gr ‘A’ AEE of …

Nobel Awards 2015

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oble prize is a set of annual international awards that take place in Stockholm, Sweden except for the Nobel peace prize that takes place in Oslo, Norway. The laureates or winners of this award are bestowed with a diploma, a sum of money that the Nobel Foundation decides and a gold medal that is a mixture of gold and silver. …

rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 overview

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lympics have always been one of the most prestigious sporting events and this year the honour of hosting the Summer Olympics was given to Brazil. They conducted the Olympics from August 5th to August 21st in Brazil’s city of Rio de Janeiro. This Olympics is commonly called as Rio 2016. Rio 2016 was riddled with controversies and fear of Zika …

career data science

Career in Data Science

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ata Scientists are usually criticized as big data wranglers. They are known to analyze massive data and organize them through their technical, quantitative and programming skills. Later, their analytical powers help them introduce creative solutions to various challenging problems in business companies and different other sectors. Let us know how one can pursue a career in data science, and study …

Income declaration scheme

Income Declaration Scheme 2016

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Money plays major part in every day activities of people and society. Money is needed to purchase services or goods for living purpose . To earn money people start doing job or business . From the first day of  earning ‘ Income management’ is important for all to plan their future. As a part of society everyone has citizenship of …

food science

Career opportunity in Food Science and Technology sector

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Food science and food technology, both are distinct terms, but are strongly correlated for the fulfillment of needs. One deals with the optimization of agricultural output and another says about the implementation of those improvements. Together a career in food science, technology affords the opportunities to the researchers to ensure tangible impacts on people’s diet around the world. A majority …

Brexit : Some facts you need to know.

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What is Brexit? The exit of Britain from the European Union has been referred to as “Brexit.” This combination of names has come into politics right out of Hollywood where celebrity couples names are often combined to get one name. In June this year, the people of United Kingdom voted to show whether they wanted United Kingdom remain a member …

career in bioinformatics

Career in Bioinformatics in India

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ot all professions are same, and not all demand the same things from the aspirants. A career in Bioinformatics can be interesting if one loves to investigate and solves problems. The best part it is quite technical quite biological and rest researching, hence you are allowed to use your initiative to answer the problems. After getting specialized in any field, …

career gis

Career in GIS in India

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oday, most of the fields aren’t left untouched by the geospatial technologies. GIS has been increasingly taken under consideration in different industries. The skills required to be GIS analysts have been evolved over the years. One can observe that a variety of educational backgrounds among the GIS Professionals. A career in Geographical information systems combines the social, economic and topographical …

careeer option as a dentist in india

Career option as a Dentist in India

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edical Field is itself a bulk of opportunities and fields of it. Dental career is one of them. Dentists are an essential part of this field as they are responsible for providing a proper health care to their patients. Being a doctor is considered as the most selfless job from the history. Since the dental procedures are very crucial and …

career in astronomy

Astronomy Career Option for Indian Students

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t is said that Astronomy is more of observational and less of experimental science. The various discussions and interpretations are done on the basis of mathematical analysis about the celestial bodies and environment. These physical and mathematical theories are thus stretched to provide explanations of what we observe. The career in Astronomy is a vast profession and has unlimited access, …