Avoidable career mistakes for College Graduates

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Career is the most important concern for anyone – whether an experienced professional or a fresh grad. Everyone aspires to become successful in their career. In order to succeed and have a prosperous career ahead, you must be active, perform your job with honesty and do everything to the best of your abilities and skills.

Care should be taken to avoid some of the common career mistakes that many college grads make when they enter professional life. Following are some of the common career mistakes to avoid at all costs:

Choosing the Easiest Job

Choosing a job based on ease is one of the most critical career mistakes that everyone needs to avoid. For example, if you have sound knowledge on Accounting and instead of choosing to work in a bank as an accountant you choose to work at a BPO as a customer care executive because you thought you don’t have to use your brains as much as you had to if you were an accountant.

Pro tip: Rely on your abilities and look for positions where your true potential and skills can be utilized.

 Jobs Switching

Switching jobs frequently especially when you don’t have much experience will never be good for your career. A candidate who keeps on switching jobs every 4-6 months will never be able to win the trust of a potential employer. It reflects lack of commitment, sincerity, reliability and lack of perseverance on your part. So, never ever do this at the beginning of your career.


Taking up a career because it pays more but has no scope and growth opportunities is one of the worst career mistakes people make. Yes, everyone likes a fat payroll but in the long run job satisfaction and career enhancements are what matter. In fact, with more experience you will be able to make way more money in the long run. The satisfaction you get from your desired job will be ten times higher as opposed to the job that doesn’t test your skills and talent.

Family Business

Your father owns a chemical testing facility and wants you to become his successor after graduation. But you on the other hand love coding and your aim is to become an app developer. Then, even if you join your father, you won’t get the satisfaction that you want. This is your life and you have every right to pursue a career you really like.

Lack of Punctuality

Honesty is always highly appreciated and respected. You must be honest with every task you undertake to scale up the corporate / career ladder. Dishonesty won’t make you successful. Also, the corporate world works and strives to be on time. Lack of punctuality will destroy your hard work and reputation and you will miss out projects and contracts.

 Final note

To all college graduates out there, avoid these common yet deadly career mistakes and make a living out of your skills and abilities. Don’t live the same life 75 years and call it a life.


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