Awards an Honors – MCQ – 1

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Awards an Honour’s –  MCQ

Q.1 which of the following political leader has been awarded by padma vibhushan 2015?

a. L.K Advani
b. Atal bihari vajpayee
c. Jorge Fernandes
d. Murli manohar joshi

Q.2 Prakash singh badal got padma vibhushan 2015 for his contribution to which of the following field?

a. Public affairs
b. Social works
c. Administration
d. Arts

Q.3 Dr.veerendra heggade recieved padma vibhushan 2015 for his contribution to

a. Health care
b. Science and Engneering
c. Medicine
d. Social work

Q4. Along with Amitabh Bachchan which famous actor also got Padma vibhushan 2015?

a. Rishi kapoor
b. Rajesh khanna
c. Dilip kumar
d. Devanand

Q.5 Bill gates received the Padma vibhushan 2015 for his contribution

a.Business and Economics
b.Social work
c. other
d. Science and Engineering

Q.6 Rajat sharma was awarded by Padma vibhushan 2015 for his contribution to

a.Literature and education
b. social work
c. Arts
d. Others

Q.7 which of the following veteran Actor and film producer received Dada shaheb phalke Award 2014

a. Rishi kapoor
b. shashi kapoor
c.Amitabh Bachchan
d. Dilip kumar

Q.8 Which of the eminent environment activist has been conferred the prestigious stockholm water prize 2015

a. Rajendra singh
b. Prakash Vihari
c. Santosh rana
d. Nita menon

Q.9 Best actor in 62nd National film awards 2014.

a. Vijay
b.Sharukh khan
c. Salman khan

Q.10 Best actress 62nd national film awards 2014.

a. Kangna ranaut
b. shilpa shetty
c. Anushka sharma
d.Kajal agrawal

Q.11 Who received the Indra Gandhi award for Best debut film of a director

a. Aditya vikram sengupta
b. Prakash raj
c.Satish kaushik
d. Manish shah

Q.12 Which film got the Nargis Dutt award for Best feature film on national Integration

a. Chotoder chobi
b. Queen
c. Chotuchkone
d. Kaakkaa Muttai

Q.13 Best Hindi film selected in 62nd national film award 2014

a. queen
b. jai ho
c. Khiladi 786
d. Pratinidhi

Q.14 which of the following former union Minister and senior congress leader got saraswati samman 2014

a. M veerappa Moily
b. Dig.vijay singh
c. pranab singh
d. P.chidambaram

Q.15 The prestigious B.C. Roy award is given for

a. Environment
b. Music
c. Journalism
d. Medicine

Q.16 Pulitzer prize was established in the year

b. 1928
c. 1917

Q.17 The former president of south africa received the Gandhi peace prize 2000 along with

a. Satish dhawan
b. C.Subramaniam
d. Grameen bank of bangladesh

Q.18 Who was the first to received the first life time achievement awards for his/her contribution in the field of cinema

a.Ashok kumar
b.Hou Hsio –hsien
c. Mumtaje
d. Dilip kumar

Q.19 M.S kiran Bedi received the prestigious ramon Mag say say award for her contribution to

b. social work
c. arts
d.Government services

Q.20 which of the following is the highest award for gallantry in India

a. Ashoka chakra
b. Param veer chakra
c. kirti chakra
d. veer chakra

Q.21 which of the following state instituted Mewar award

a. Rajasthan
b. Delhi
c. Haryana
d. Gujrat

Q.22 which of the following of the first asian to received Nobel prize

a. Rajiv gandhi
b. C.V. Raman
c. Ravindra nath tagore
d. Mother teresa

Q.23 Who is the first Indian to received the Nobel prize in literature

a. Mothet teresa
b. Sarojini naidu
c. C.V Raman
d.Ravindra nath tagore

Q.24 Who was the first sportsman to received the Rajiv gandhi’s khel ratna award

a. kapil dev
b. sachin tendulkar
c. vishwanathan anand
d. Limba Ram

Q.25 The prestigious pulitzer award is given for the outstanding contribution in the field of

a. science and technology
b. environment
c. Literature and journalism
d. Arts

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