Benefits of Attending a Big University

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One of the big dilemmas haunting students and their parents is about attending a small college (perhaps a liberal arts college or a community college) versus a large university. Some people argue that a small college would pay more personal attention, potentially more scholarships and also a smaller classroom environment. On the contrary some people opine that they have no merit whatsoever.
On the other hand, some other people opine that large universities have as many opportunities as possible and the only way to gain access to them is by going to a large university. Anyways we shall discuss the benefits of attending a university that satisfy all your needs holistically.

Diverse Student Body and Anonymity

Studying at a large university calls for opportunities to meet up with people coming from different parts of the world. It in return helps you make friends with them, learn in depth about their culture and traditions, their way of life, places of importance, history, etc. it also helps you establish lasting friendship with them. Having friends from different demographics of the world is obviously advantageous. On the global outlook it helps obliviate the misconceptions we all bring with us from our teenage years. On the personal front, you get to stay at your friends place when you travel abroad.
When it comes to anonymity, in bigger universities there are often huge lecture halls compared to smaller private universities. Some people might feel more comfortable when everyone is not paying attention to every single thing they do in class which is otherwise unlikely in smaller class environments. This is a personal choice and may vary from person to person.

Diversity of Majors, Classes and Great Faculty

If you are looking for a variety of courses, bigger universities are certainly the best place to be at. They offer a diverse range in terms of both courses and majors. If you are a mechanical engineer and would want to take up few economics classes to strengthen your decision and policy making skills, it would be possible here. You not only meet my graduation requirements, but these classes also help me become better. In a smaller institution this may not be possible.
Also the greatest advantage of all is the faculty. There is no alternative to a great teacher and this is usually possible only if you enroll in a bigger university.

Most of these bigger universities focus on research and can therefore attract some of a field’s greatest minds.

Plethora of Opportunities

Some large universities boast of more than a 1000 student organizations and fraternities / sororities on campus. This makes it easy to find people who share the same interests as you. There is no doubt that you will certainly find someone or even a few people who have something in common with you. All need to do is this, look up Facebook for university groups that interest you. If you don’t find one, create a group and create some awareness about it. In no time, you will find people joining and talking about it. You can then plan and organize events, meetings, etc to follow your hobbies or passions.

Better Sports Facilities

Bigger universities are often equipped with state of the art infrastructure. This also includes fitness areas, libraries, sports facilities, etc. You can also play for the college official team and participate in tournaments.

Alumni Network

Large universities often graduate spectacular graduates who head on to become noted leaders of the industry. This may also be true at smaller universities but it is the alumni network that matters. There is some kind of a bond between people who study at the same school. The student organization / Alumni network helps you connect you with alumni in your field of interest. You can contact them for internships or job opportunities too. Making connections would be far easier through alumni networks than otherwise.

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