Booker Prize 2014

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Booker Prize 2014

Australia’s Richard Flanagan won the Man Booker prize 2014 for his novel ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North’. His father was a Japanese wartime captive. He worked on the Thailand-Burma Passing Railway. Flanagan’s novel spins around a comparable plot. The novel’s title was named after a travelogue of Japanese Haiku writer Bako. Indian section did not win. The entry from India was by The Lives of Others penned by Neel Mukherjee.

The Man Booker Prize for Fiction earlier known as the Booker-McConnell Prize and generally referred to just as the Booker Prize is a prize honored every year for the best unique novel, written in English, and distributed in the UK. The charm of the Man Booker Prize is that the author is by and large guaranteed of universal fame and achievement; thus, the prize is of extraordinary criticalness for the book exchange. It is considered by a lot of people in the business to be the second after the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Pulitzer. The prize was initially known as the Booker-McConnell Prize, after the organization Booker-McConnell started supporting the occasion in 1968; it got to be generally known as the Booker Prize or just the Booker. When organization of the prize was exchanged to the Booker Prize Foundation in 2002, the title support turned into the venture organization Man Group, which selected to hold Booker as a component of the title of the prize. The principles of the Booker changed in 1971; long ago, it had been given to books distributed preceding the year in which the grant was given. In 1971 the year of qualification was changed to the same as the year of the honor.

Previously, the Man Booker Prize was open to citizens of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Republic of Ireland, or Zimbabwe. On 18 September 2013, future Man Booker Prize started considering writers from anyplace on the planet, so long as their work was in English and distributed in the UK. This change generated a bit of controversy as writers from outside America cannot win the Pulitzer prize (a prize considered equivalent to the Booker, at least in stature but comes with less money than the Booker). Thus writers from commonwealth countries are furious. One needs to be an American national in order to be qualified for the Pulitzer prize.

A different prize for which any living author on the planet may qualify, the Man Booker International Prize, was introduced in 2005 and was started biennially but was not continued due to lack of funds. A Russian rendition of the Booker Prize was made in 1992 called the Booker-Open Russia Literary Prize, otherwise called the Russian Booker Prize. In 2007, Man Group plc secured the Man Asian Literary Prize, a yearly award given to the best novel by an Asian writer, either written in English or translated into English, and distributed in the past timetable year.

Notable Indian writers to have won the Booker- Arundhati Roy (first female and first Indian to have won the award). Salman Rushdie (won Best of Booker also). Aravid Adiga and Kiran Desai are other notable writers to have won previously from India.

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