Career as a Forensic artist

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Career as a forensic artist

Forensic artists work alongside with law enforcing agencies. Their job is to produce sketches of the people who are suspects, people who have gone missing, restructure the courtroom scene as accurately as probable and so on. The forensic artists may also be requisite to reproduce the face of a person from the human remains, although that branch of forensic artistry is precisely called forensic anthropology.
The forensic artists work with a variety of mediums, and may be required to work in two dimensions as well as three dimensions.
These days with advancement in technology, much computer software is also available for the purpose of recreating a person’s facial features as accurately as possible.

Educational qualification

For an aspiring forensic artist, a flair for arts is important. But a degree I fine arts from a reputed college is also a must. Many colr’s degree in arts. These courses are aimed at teaching the students the finer nuisances of arts as well as acquaint them with variety of mediums. The degree hones the skills of the students and makes them better. Many prominent colleges in India offer these programmes. Having a degree in fine arts gives exposure to students about various aspects of working mediums.

Skills required by forensic artists

The forensic artists many a times are required to reproduce portraits on the basis of what the witnesses tell them. So it is very important for a forensic artist to be a very good listener. Figuring out the information that is related and discarding the rest is vital. Consequently having good diagnostic capability is also a must for all aspiring forensic artists. Also a keen eye for the details is crucial because, frequently the forensic artist is required to reproduce the faces from grainy CCTV footages and old pictures.
Sometimes, an artist might be required to make a sketch of a person who has been on the run for several years, or someone who has been missing for a long moment. Such portraits might require additional set of skills because of the effect of age on the face has to be represented properly.


Most of the forensic artists do not work independently as artists in the law enforcement organizations. The artist does the job when required in addition to working as full time employees of the organization. So, most of the times their pay scale is in accordance with the structure of the organization. Most agencies do not hire freelance artists.


• Forensic artists can play a very important in helping nab a culprit, or locate a missing person by creating awareness about the person concerned with the help of the picture.

• One gets to work with the law enforcement agencies of the country.



• Dealing with criminal cases, day in day out might be mentally exhausting for many.

• The pay scale might not be very high.

• For people who want to have flexible timing or options for freelancing, forensic artistry does not have much to offer.

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