career as a sound engineer

Career as a Sound Engineering

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Sound engineer

This is a career that can make you a celebrity. Most sound engineers work either in movies or in TV channels. A sound engineer is responsible for giving sound effects for a sequence in a movie and creates the event with great accuracy. It is a tough job that requires superior listening skills and they have to pay great attention to every minute detail. A small error in recording may prove detrimental to the entire piece of work and prove to be a costly mistake.


Generally sound engineers undergo four year training at vocational schools or other institutes. Other courses that can be taken up include audio technology, broadcast technology and other courses that are on offer. A minimum of 12th pass with physics and mathematics is generally asked for before giving admission to such courses. Since there are some technical things involved, having knowledge in physics and maths is vital. Even while as a student, sound engineers carve a niche for themselves by actively participating in community productions and some others even work on a part time basis for music directors to learn the tricks of the trade. Other general skills essential for this job is to have an understanding of music instruments and should be able to handle them with ease. Moreover a sound engineer should have good communication skill and should be able to understand what the requirement of directors and producers are. Above all, he may need a love for music and unflinching desire to make it big in the industry. If you think you possess all the above criteria, then sound engineering is definitely your career.

Pay and Perks

Generally sound engineers are paid well. Especially when they work for movies their package is excellent. Mr.Resul Pookutty is one such sound engineer from India who has won the Oscar for his contribution in the movie Slumdog Millionaire. But still the career as such is in its blooming stage in India. Outside India especially in the US, there is more requirement of sound engineers for the movies they make. Hence options to work abroad galore for sound engineers. Naturally when you work in European countries or other western countries, the salary is going to be incredible.


A decent earning, chance to meet and work with celebrities, options to go abroad etc. The list also may include a satisfying career if you really love music.


You cannot be in one place. Traveling is imperative. Also, sometimes the work may become very hectic and result in fatigue. No fixed timing of work. Hence it may create a work life imbalance resulting in misunderstandings among family members.


Therefore carefully analyze what is required and what is not. There is a lot of opportunities for sound engineers, but cut throat competition is compulsorily present. You need to prove your mettle each time and keep performing at your peak without rest. Some people love music and musical instruments so much that they tend to forget everything else around them. If this is your flavor too, you may definitely try this as a serious option.

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