career as sports coach and instructer

Career as a Sports Coach and Instructor

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Sports coach and instructor

As tradition goes sports is something that will exist until humans exist on this planet. Sport is an arena where people bring out their best and perform to win. A sports instructor or a coach has the duty to create and nurture the talent shown by the athlete and improve his/her performance to take it to great heights.

Job Role

A coach is a leader. He must be capable of becoming a mentor and assess strengths and weaknesses of a player. In short, a coach should be the one who is in charge of constantly monitoring the performance of the player and keep them updated of their performance. Today cricket has gained such huge popularity among people which has resulted in producing fine coaches and instructors who are responsible for building good teams all around. Not only cricket, coaches and instructors are required for every sport to take it further.

Education and Qualification

There is no formal education required if you are a veteran in that particular sport. For example many former players of sport become coaches. They know what the game demands from players and they know how to address the issue. If you are going to join as a coach at school or college level, then it may be mandatory to have studied something related to physical training and sports. There are certain colleges and universities that offer dedicated courses to become instructors.
A great example for former player turning to coach is Gary Kirsten, who is a former south African cricket player became the coach of Indian cricket team and was instrumental in the world cup victory of India in 2011. Former badminton player Gopi Chand is also a reputed badminton coach today. A career in sports can be rewarding and exciting.
At the same time it will require superior fitness and energy. A coach must be in a position to play and highlight solutions to technical faults made by the player. That will test the physical and mental strength of a coach.
Organizing, staffing, recruiting, guiding players and preparing a plan for training become the fundamentals of a sports coach. Nowadays there is a lot avenue in sports. Greater emphasis is given on training players to win laurels and medals. Hence the governments themselves are investing hugely to bring fine coaches who can guide the national teams to victory in international sporting events. Not only coach, you can also become a sports psychologist who counsels players and removes pressure and stress from them.


Your job may take you places. If a player plays in many countries you may have to accompany the player and make him win. There is no room for rest or peace. You may need to take in stress and pressure and make the sports person win all the time.


Travelling, pressure to perform and physical fitness may be possible hindrances. But coaches are well paid and they enjoy many benefits in society. A person can take up teaching sports at schools and colleges and become a person who is behind the success of the team.

Hence it is up to the candidate to choose this field as his career.

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