Career as a Pilot

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Career as a pilot

If you wish to have a truly high flying career then becoming a pilot is one of the best things in life you can ever do. Pilots are in great demand these days since the world is witnessing an aviation boom. More and more airlines are popping up to tap the enormous potential of ait travellers. Particularly low cost airlines are helping people to fly for the first time and at the same time this has brought great revenue for the airline companies. Generally a pilot is recruited as a first officer and upon required experience of flying hours you can become captain of the flight.

How to become a pilot

There are two ways to become a pilot. First is to enrol you in a flying school and start taking classes. The flying school will offer CPL which is commercial Pilot license. Using which you can join an airline company as a pilot. The necessary training to fly jumbo jets used by airlines will be provided by the company and you will be absorbed upon successful completion of training.

The second method is a little more exciting. Joining the air force by clearing exams as a flying officer. After 10 or 15 years of service you can retire from air force and join airlines as a commercial pilot and troll the friendly skies. However it is imperative to be interested in this career and you must not have fear of flying!!

Qualification Requirements

Generally candidates who have passed 12th with physics and mathematics as subjects are qualified to take up the pilot course. For Air Force you must have a degree and must have studied physics and maths in your 12th. The Air Force conducts pilot aptitude test or also known as a pilot battery test which you must clear to become a fighter pilot. This exam can be written only once in your lifetime. If you do not clear the test, you definitely lose the chance of becoming a pilot in the Air Force.

Pay and Perks

The salary and other perks are among the highest paid to professionals. You can expect a five digit salary at the very beginning of your career. This is one of the major positive thing of the work.

Nature of Work

Pilots must keep traveling. They are the ultimate globe trotters. If you become a pilot in an international airline flying international route there are fair chances that you will roam the globe very often. For example you may have your breakfast in Delhi, lunch in usa and dinner in New York.


The very first disadvantage is the profession is considered to be risky. Although plane crashes do not occur frequently, the job is looked upon as a very risky job by fellow humans. Next comes the issue of travel and jetlag. While you travel a lot, you may develop some issues like sleeplessness and under appetite due to changing time zones. The most important drawback of all is becoming a pilot by getting a CPL through a flying school is very costly. It may cost around 15 to 20 lakh rupees in India.

So decide well and take a step forward. A great career awaits you at your doorstep.

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