Career as a Snow Expert

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Career as a snow expert

Do you love winter and coldness? Do you enjoy climbing mountains and peaks? If you really wish to pursue a career of this sort becoming a snow expert is certainly your cup of tea. Snow experts are recruited by government agencies and other companies who hold a stake in travel and adventure tourism. Nowadays people love to go to those places where no one from their surroundings has ever been before. Mountain tops, glaciers and remote places like arctic and Antarctic are such places that are explored. Snow experts have to review the weather and the terrain and certify whether the region is fit to be explored or not.

The works to do

A snow expert is the one who studies snow fall and accumulation patterns to predict avalanches and other natural hazards. He is also expected to research glaciers and other ice related places and prepare data that can be used by scientists to measure the extent of global warming related effects. Also world’s fresh water supply comes from these glaciers which are so big and are studied in great detail these days to help design the future water needs of humanity. This is a great career that loves science and is interested to bring a great change to our society.


To take up a course as a snow expert, you must study pure science at your schools up to 12th standard. Later you may take up a degree with pure science background and finally become a snow expert.

Ways and Means

Generally there are three means to become a snow expert. The first one is to become a professor in a university and study the ice formations by carrying out research projects. The second way is to study geology and get recruited in dedicated government agencies that study glaciers and snow capped mountains. The third way is to get employed in a ski resort and prepare reports about local conditions and analyze whether the situation is ready for enjoying by the guests of the resort.


You must have an eye for detail. You must be physically fit to take this job, since it involves climbing high mountains and walking great distances when the situation demands. You must also be creative to design structures that can survive avalanches and other snow related natural disasters. Make sure that you really love to work in harsh terrains and you are fit to withstand low temperatures. If you do not have one of these requirements, it is better not to take up a career in this line.


They include a decent salary, natural and scenic workplace, highly satisfying and challenging career.


Harsh weather conditions, risks involved in carrying out daily duties, a possible chance of natural calamity strike are the cons. You may have to walk and do physically challenging tasks for the entire span of your career which can sometimes be very bad for health.


Overall this career is for someone who truly loves to be out there and take risks to save lives and enjoy nature.

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