Career in Advertising sector

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Career in Advertising sector

Advertising is an art and a popular way of conveying message to group of people in vast. This is most commonly used to attract the people regarding Products or conveying a social message that requires society concern. It increases the competitiveness in the society where many other products of similar service are provided. Advertising world in upcoming future has many offers a head.
Choosing a career in advertising field is a tremendous option in this growing industry. Advertising field generally prefers individuals who are creative and can take independent decisions on their own. However some pressure would be on the people working in this field. One should keep up their performance to survive in this competitive world.

Educational Background

Advertising field chooses its employees from various backgrounds and allocates based on their education into different departments. Professional degree in career would give one a best career to start with. Fluent language and excellent communication skills would be key factors in this advertising world.
Departments based on educational background.

1. Production: course in pre-press processes and printing.
2. Client Servicing: MBA marketing or diploma
3. Media: Mass Communication, Journalism or an MBA
4. Studio: Course in fine arts i.e., MFA or BFA or commercial arts
5. Films: Specialisation in audio visuals
6. Finance: MBA (Finance), CA, ICWA


One should have innovative and creative skills mainly to withhold their career in advertising world. A person should have 50% in any postgraduate course in any medium. Admission of courses will include either an entrance exam or interview. Those who cleared class 12th are also eligible to take up the course.
However one must have following qualities- Presentation and management, confidence, competitiveness, stress and pressure management, effective communication, team and leadership skills.


Multinational company’s offer many opportunities for advertising, and hiring would be totally based on innovation and capability rather than academic degrees. Job descriptions and openings can be available in journals, newspapers, magazines and television and apart from these one can work as free lancer too.


In a highly qualified and known college, it would cost up to 1 lakh per year whereas some private and government institutes exist which would charge lower. In some cases scholarship is given but it will be based on fluent communication skills.


Salary varies based on company’s size and revenue. In this industry, mostly salary would be based on talent however in general terms basic employee would be given basic payment i.e. rs.8000-15000 and experienced ones are given a high package.
Pay Structure can vary from one agency to another depending on the size and turnover. Accredited agencies have a large set up while small agencies may have just a handful of employees looking after all the various jobs.


Talented and innovative people have a great career in advertising industry. Commercial art is given high preference. In client servicing, MBA is preferred.



• Highly growing industry thus more opportunities.
• High salary
• Opportunity to learn new things.


• Heavy stress and pressure
• Long working hours

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