Career in Agriculture

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Career in Agriculture? Surprise!!

Dear all let you know it is a great career for you and interesting sector with huge income source for your life. Naturally you have thinking, agriculture as a career means a pictures comes in your mind an old man with old plow or sit on a tractor with big hat on the field under hot sun?

Well guys, it is not a current situation now. Today farming is done by high tech process, large in business size .you know whatever we are using any product at daily life style, it may be foods, cloths, furniture are somewhere relate to agriculture. Even daily you are sitting on car‘s sit at traveling is also made by agriculture products.

Agriculture Sector contributes our national GDP approx 24.5% and employs about 64% of the work force.

There are mainly four areas of specialization on agriculture science: Animal Science, Food Science, Soil Science and plant Science.
Animal Science: Animal scientist’s research is designed to revamp the production and processing of fish, dairy product and meats. Here Biotechnology techniques are used to research nutrition, growth, genetics, and reproduction.

Food Science Food scientist do work and research on developing and improving ways of food processing, preserving, storing, packaging ,delivering food to the valuable consumer as per concern government standards ,norms and quality. Another type of research is done to discover new types of food, analyze food’s content to identify the levels of fat, vitamin, protein or sugar level or search of substitute of them.

Soil science Soil scientist are taking part to determine the soil improvement, plant growth status, impact of soil by climate changing, ecological condition.

Plant Science Plant scientists are concerned with environmental science, study of insect (entomology), plant breeding, how to conserve our natural resource, quality of seeds.

Educational background

Graduation course – 12th pass in science. More than 45 colleges provide B.Sc in agriculture or B.Tech or M.Tech in agriculture in India.

Post graduation—Bachelor Degree in science or agriculture on the basis of entrance exam or merit

Ph.D— mostly all agriculture university provides doctoral degree after completion of master degree on agriculture or science.


In the government sector, fresh graduate can earn monthly remuneration of Rs.9000 aprox.
Agriculture scientist may get in their career initially approx between Rs.18, 000 and Rs.25, 000.

Scope and Demand

An exciting opportunity is waiting for agriculture industry in future. According to the survey agriculture profession is now more demandable and favorable position for young generation as government has encouraging research and scientific farming across the country .field of work is expanding day to day in government as well as private sector as well. Food beverage industry is now in growing position as compare to past. Not only as scientist so many different profile like finance manager, commodity traders, sales representative, agriculture economist, marketing and merchandise specialist are taking a big role in agriculture industry sector. Agriculture is now everywhere at every daily life style uses! That’s the reason you the career seeker can take exciting career opportunities that the agricultural industry has to offer.

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