career in optometry

Career in Optometry

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Optometry is the science of study of eye or vision care. Optometrist is responsible examining patients, checking of eye and vision problems, testing patient’s depth and color perception, and ability to coordinate and focus their eyes and prefer some solutions.Choosing this field as an option is good choice as the field opportunities are high and keep on gradually increasing. One could even take up their own practices.

Educational Requirements

Professional degree in career would give one a best career to start with .To become an optometrist, first there is a need to complete a 4-year bachelor’s program in optometry .This could be attained only after qualifying common entrance test conducted by college or any of the universities .After the completion of degree one need to secure national license and state license to practice.

Skills Required

For optometrists who own and operate their own practices, it is important for them to have good business, accounting and managerial skills. One needs to have multitasking, good subject knowledge and to do identify the problem of the patients immediately and solve them accurately.


One should have original and communicative skills mainly to withhold their career in an optometry world. A person should have good pass percentage in professional graduate course in concerned medium. Admission of courses will include either an entrance exam or interview. Those who cleared class 12th are also eligible to take up the course.


Worldwide hospitals offer many opportunities for optometry, and hiring would be totally based on uniqueness and capability rather than academic degrees. Job description and details can be available in media, journals, newspapers, magazines, television, internet search engine and websites.


In a highly qualified college fee structure will be more than one lakh per annul where as some government organizations offer it with less amount .They do offer scholarships in case of any requirements and basing upon talent also.


There will be a change of Salary from one hospital to other hospital. The salary amount given is depended upon size and revenue of the hospital. In this industry, mostly salary would be based on talent however in general terms basic employee would be given basic payment i.e. Rs.30, 000/- and more experienced ones are given a high package.
In small hospitals the amount of pay will be very less. In government jobs pay may be depended on cadre with all the allowances. In private practice the amount secured will be depend upon the charges they make per visit.


There is high demand for them who can treat and solve the problems of the patients very well. The person with knowledge and talent is given high preference.



• Highly growing industry due to increasing awareness about eye care.
• High salary with increase in experience.
• Opportunity to gain knowledge.
• One can go with individual Business or Job in hospitals.


• Some stress and pressure as it deals with customers eye health,delicate lenses/glasses and scientific background.
• Long working hours(depends on work type and location).


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