career in photography

Career in Photography

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Photography is nothing but taking photos of anything like people, incidents, events, place, and so on. Many career options are there for photography such as news photography, wild photography, commercial photography, fashion photography, and scientific photography.

News photography involves photos of current news items.

Art photography involves artistic photographs.

Wild photography involves photos of wild life; likewise the other fields also have the photographs. For each specialization there are very limited numbers of jobs. Person with technical skills and creativity are required for this field. One can join either in companies or do private assignments. They can work for news papers, journals, and websites.

Hard work is needed in this job. It’s a wonderful profession pressure will be less compared to other fields. Time of work will be different and depends on a person. The photograph is to be like that which can say everything without saying any single word. Many times is a traveling involved job.

Educational Qualification

High school diploma is needed. A degree in photography is needed .Work experience is required to decide one’s talent in this field. There are some colleges offer degrees in photography. Though increase in job facilities of the field is slow one can have a bright career once started.


Individual should have novel and innovative skills mainly to keep back their career in photography. A person should have at least 50% in any diploma in any medium. Admission of courses will include either an entrance exam or an interview. Those who cleared class 12th are also eligible to take up the course however they need to have interest in photography so that can do productive work. The people who can take admirable photos have bright future.


Any of the companies’ offers many opportunities for photography, and hiring would be totally based on innovation and capability rather than academic degrees. Job descriptions and openings can be available in journals, newspapers, magazines and television and apart from these one can work as free lancer too. Photo editors who do editing of photos on system via adobe photo editor have good career opportunities even.


In a highly competent and identified college, it would cost up to twenty five thousand per annum whereas some private and government institutes exist which would charge lower. In some cases scholarship is given depending on talent.

Salary Information

The average earnings for salaried photographers were rupees fifty thousand. The salary range changes because place, status and area of specialization factors into a photographer’s fees. A freelance photographer’s annual salary depends on the number of assignments he or she receives and the fee he or she charges.


Brilliant and inventive people have a great career in the field of photography. True talent is given high preference.



• High salary depending on assignments
• Opportunity to learn new things.
• Stress is comparatively less as it is career by own choice.                                                                                                            • Interesting sector


• Long working hours
• More traveling
•  Slow growth in career opportunities                                                                                                                                   • Outdoor working is more than other jobs

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