Career in Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapy is nothing but a medical science involving treatment for a patient via physical practices .These physical practices could also comprise heat radiation, water therapy, massages, diathermy, traction and other actions. They must have knowledge of the human body and the way the bones, muscles and nerves react. They are required as much as doctor is required.

Physiotherapy is a good career choice as they have equal importance of a doctor; they can do treatment for various problems, make tests for diagnosis methods. Stress management is required.

Educational qualification

Educational qualification for a physiotherapist is a B.Sc. degree or a diploma in physiotherapy which can be taken up by the individuals with science background. One can do post graduation. The basic eligibility for courses in physiotherapy is 10+2. Age limit for the candidates is 17 years. There is a Common Entrance Test (CET) for the course in Bachelor of Physiotherapy. They can start working after the completion of study or may join into a private or government hospital. After gaining some experience they could start own practice.


One should have intention to help others along with subject knowledge and to be a physiotherapist. To start a practice as a  Physiotherapist one need to have graduation or post graduation in Physiotherapy .


one needs logical thinking skills, scientific reasoning and problem solving skills, ability to memorize, manual handiness and physical stamina to work long hours, patience and understanding of people, a kind approach towards the patients, intention to help people to live their normal lives, must be able to work in emergencies, strength of mind, good observation power, ability to inject courage in patients. These attributes together with a thorough knowledge of the human anatomy are the requirements.


Graduation in Physiotherapy can be completed in twenty thousand rupees per annul in good college where as government and certain private institutions charge less. One can get Scholarship on the basis of Merit or Category .


The initial salary of physiotherapists in government hospitals varies between Rs. 3000 to 5000. In private hospitals offer a starting salary around Rs 7,500 which could go up to Rs 10,000 per month. With increase in experience it may go up to twenty to forty thousand. The payment can be according to the number of patients he/she sees. For own practice they may take according to the will.


Demand is there for those who can treat patients well. Experienced physiotherapists have much demand. Present there are so many opportunities in this field as day by day people are suffering from several health problems.



• Equivalent to a doctor in some aspects.
• Career opportunities are more with coming developments of hospitals.
• Opportunity to learn new things.
• Can help someone to live their life                                                                                                                                                    • Its a kind of social service with income opportunity


• Heavy stress and pressure
• Long working hours
• Less income for freshers                                                                                                                                                                     • Heavy competition


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