Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

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What is Pharmacy?

Pharmacy, another field just related to the medicine, is in fact the field of Science and technology involved in the preparation and dispense of the Drugs. It is the health field, which is being considered as one of the fastest growing field of healthcare and offers a wide range of career opportunities.

What do Pharmacists do?

Pharmacists are responsible to serve patients and the community by providing information and advice on health, and by providing medications and associated services. They are also responsible to refer patients to other sources of help and care, like a physician, at the times of emergency needed. However with the advancement in the use of computers in pharmacy, pharmacists can now spend more time educating patients and in maintaining and monitoring patient records. Thus, patients are now more dependent on the pharmacist as a health care and information resource of the best level. Pharmacists, in and out of the community pharmacy, are in fact, specialists in the science and clinical use of medications. Pharmacists must be knowledgeable about the composition of drugs, chemical and physical properties, and their manufacture and even the uses. They are also required to be knowledgeable as how products are tested for purity and strength. A pharmacist is also required to understand the activity of a drug and how it will work within the body. More and more prescribers rely on pharmacists for information about various drugs, their availability and their activity.

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

The career Opportunities in Pharmacy is very bright. The jobs related to the degree related to the Pharmacy are as Community Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist and Research Scientist in Life Sciences. Holding B. Pharma Degree will be quite useful to get the jobs as Clinical research associate, Higher education lecturer, Pharmacologist, Product/process development scientist, Regulatory affairs officer, Science writer and as Toxicologist.
If pharmacists have a desire to combine the professional talents and the fast-moving community pharmacy practice, the candidates will be successfully getting a management position in a chain pharmacy practice or even can have an ownership of their own pharmacy.
However, in chain practice, career paths usually starts at the store level and can subsequently advance to a position at the district, regional, or corporate level. Many chain companies have management development programs in marketing operations, third party programs, legal affairs, pharmacy affairs and computerization. With the high spirits of entrepreneurship and motivation, the candidates as the pharmacists, successfully own their own pharmacies or, through establishing consultation services can even own their own pharmacy practices.
Nearly everyone is familiar with community pharmacists and the pharmacy in which they practice. Six out of every ten pharmacists provide care to patients in a community setting. You probably visit the community pharmacist more often than you do any other member of the health team. Pharmacists talk to people when they are healthy and when they are sick; when they are “just browsing” or when they are concerned with an emergency; when they have specific needs as well as when they are seeking advice or information. Pharmacists are playing an increasing role in the “wellness” movement, especially through counseling about preventive medicine. According to one estimate, pharmacists receive more than two billion inquiries a year from their patrons. The career options with the Pharmacists can also be rounded with the options of the pharmaceutical industry, which in fact produces the Chemicals, Drugs and many other health Products. Pharmacists can also involve themselves in the sales and marketing and even in the research and product development. They can also be made responsible for the quality control and even handling the administration in the pharmaceutical industry
Many pharmacists obtain postgraduate degrees in order to meet the technical demands and scientific duties required in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Pharmacists having an interest in sales and administration can combine all with their technical background in pharmacy and can serve as medical service representatives. Many Local, state and federal governmental agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health, Armed Forces, and the Veterans Administration require the expertise of skilled pharmacists. Many graduates work in hospitals and clinics within these agencies.
Thus, the options of the Pharmacists are wide open in today’s life and gone are the days, when the Pharmacists were being looked down.


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