Career Opportunities in Yoga

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Career Opportunities in Yoga

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a type of fitness exercise which involves physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. Yoga is considered among the six schools of Hindu philosophy and also shows associations with meditative practices in Buddhism and Jainism. More Recently Yoga is gaining high Popularity in the world and the number of people moving towards Yoga is increasing by each day. At present, we can say that the numbers of people who know yoga are quite a few in numbers and thus more instructors are always needed in the developing world of Yoga. Yoga aims in creating a balance in the mind and body through breathing, exercise and meditation.

What does Yoga Instructors do?

Yoga Instructors are responsible to demonstrate and teach groups of people and individuals, different meditations and yoga positions. They are responsible to carry out all the operations of the Yoga and different postures of body. Yoga Instructors are responsible for the safety6 of the people and are required to keep a close eye on the people taking the exercise so as to avoid all sorts of troubles and to carry out the operations in the safest way. As a yoga teacher, the candidates teach yoga as a form of exercise which increases fitness and wellbeing among People.

As a yoga teacher, the candidate is required to teach people various yoga postures. They are also required to teach controlled breathing, meditation and visualization. The tasks of a Yoga Teacher include:

• designing course plans

• recognizing the needs of beginners, experienced students and mixed ability groups

• teaching several yoga postures ranging from simple moves to complex ones

• adapting postures for individual conditions such as pregnancy or arthritis

• teaching efficient breathing habits, varying from basic breathing techniques to breath control exercises

• assessing progress and achievements

• Reviewing own courses and teaching skills.

Career Opportunities as a Yoga teacher

With the increase in the interest of the people in the Yoga these days, the demand of the people, which knows Yoga, is quite high. The Yoga Teachers are required to work in Health Clubs and several Yoga classes. Yoga Instructors have quite enormous opportunities like working as a teacher or even in the administrative duties in addition to the teaching. The Yoga Teachers have several other ways to get their career on the best path by working privately with several clients among which celebrities can be one among several. Several Government and Private schools and Colleges also hire several Yoga Teachers for the purpose of imparting training to the kids and young adults.
Most yoga teachers are self-employed. Annual income vary considerably, depending on the area Yoga Teachers work in, the number of sessions Yoga Teachers teach or the type of organization they work for. These Yoga Teachers usually charge a session or hourly rate.
However, Yoga Teacher should have some of the good personality Traits in the form of helpful, Flexible, calm, spiritual, and working with others. Several religious and social Institutions also require the services of the Yoga Teachers and thus greater employment opportunities are always in front of the Yoga Teachers. Employment opportunities for Yoga Teachers is expected to grow by about 20% over the 2010-2020 decade, and is must faster than the average for all careers. Opportunities for employment are expected to continue to be in large numbers in fitness facilities, health clubs, and several other fitness settings. One more thing is that the Part-time jobs are much easier to find in comparison to the full-time employment. Those candidates having the formal degree in fitness-related subjects have the best job opportunities, and those candidates who incorporate wellness and new technology issues into their services of Yoga are always in high demand.
The demand of the Yoga Teachers can be judged by the fact that several Private Institutions incorporate several fitness programs into their employees benefit packages. There is an increasing number of people who are now been seen spending time and money on fitness. Preventative medicine is changing the way people think about their health, and businesses are even beginning to add fitness programs. A lot of yoga teachers work part-time, and often have another job working in a related role such as teaching other fitness classes. As a yoga teacher, the candidate usually set his own working hours, which may include evenings and weekends to meet the needs of clients. A Yoga Teacher can work at several sites, in the form of sports centers or health clinics, and can involve traveling. Overall Yoga Teacher enjoys good Job Opportunities and good social life.


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