careeer option as a dentist in india

Career option as a Dentist in India

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Medical Field is itself a bulk of opportunities and fields of it. Dental career is one of them. Dentists are an essential part of this field as they are responsible for providing a proper health care to their patients. Being a doctor is considered as the most selfless job from the history. Since the dental procedures are very crucial and often desired several times in our lifespan, choosing Career as a dentist might be a turning point in your life.

About the Profession

Dentist job is challenged to deliver safe and effective dental care and diagnose and treat problems related to parts of the mouth. Dental professionals need to take a long educational path for the role. They generally provide advice and instructions regarding the care of teeth, gums and the complete oral health. In another prospect, they may take their knowledge and skills in orthodontics, maxillofacial surgeries, or endodontics.

For a profession like a dentist job, it is easier choose your next steps such as one can go for his own practice or even with a team of dentistry professionals.

Educational Requirements

To pursue a career as a dentist one must opt for subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy etc before entering in any dental school. You need to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree for any dental programs, however, the criteria vary from school to school. Choosing biology helps the candidate to increase their chances of being accepted.

The next step includes Dental Admission test (DAT) to apply for any dental school. It is a competitive examination and selection is based on various factors such as your DAT score, GPA, interviews etc.Programs in Dental school prepares students to go through certain coursework such as local anesthesia, periodontics, anatomy, and radiology. These programs enhance capabilities of candidates by direct dealing with patients under the guidance of licensed dentists.

Three degree’s that majorly let you call yourself dentists are:
•Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
•Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM)
•Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD)

Therefore, the educational requirements can be summarized as follows.

Basic Steps to become a Dentist:
1. Complete a Bachelor’s Degree
2. Obtain good score on the Dental Acceptance Test
3. Complete a Doctoral Degree
4. Undertake requirements for Licensure

Licensing Requirements

To practice and establish yourself as a dentist one must be licensed according to their state requirements. Usually, most of the states prefer a dentist having a degree from an accredited dental university. And also clear the written and practical examinations by National Dental Board.
Additionally, if any dentist wishes to pursue a specialty in his career as a dentist, a licensed in that particular specialty has to be owned.Also, one has to go for completion of residency and special state exam.


1. Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, Delhi
2. Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Manipal
3. Government Dental College, Mumbai
4. Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai
5. Government Dental College, Bangalore
6. Faculty of Dental Sciences, King George’s, Lucknow
7. PG Institute of Dental Sciences, Rohtak
8. SDM College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad
9. Bapuji Dental College and Hospital, Davangere
10. SRM Dental College, Chennai

Salary Structure

Career opportunities in Dentistry define various earnings. It is always dependent on the specialty of doctor, location of working, working hours, and experience years.
Usually, this jobs in the dental field are time independent, however, some choose to work for definite hours. Hence, the working hours varies greatly among dentists and this variation also suffers in their salaries. According to the previous year report, May 2015, the medium annual wage of dentists was $158,310.


Communication skills
In order to effectively communicate with patients, dental assistants, hygienists, receptionists, one must have the attribute of excellent communication skills to bridge this gap.

Detail Oriented
Since career as a dentist requires appropriate details to manipulate one’s troubles and deliver the needful treatments and medications, a dentist much goes Detail Oriented. All the details such as shape, color, and the gap between teeth must be noted carefully.

It refers to working with hands and certain tools in the limited area that is mouth for dentists. This is a challenging task to do for an individual but highly asked in this profession.

Leadership skills
A doctor is itself a leader. If you seek to work or practice in your own setup, you must know how to manage things such as staff etc.

Organizational Skills
Like any other business, in the medical field also the strong organizational skills are demanded. The ability to keep records of patients accurately is desired.

Very often in dentist career, there are patients who need special attention for a long period of time. Also, patience is the key factor with those who fear the dental procedures.

Physical Stamina
Career as a dentist is isn’t that easy. One must have the courage to work comfortably for long periods. These are usually physical tasks as well like bending over the patients etc.

Problem-Solving skills
A good dentist must be capable of solving problems of his patients. The evaluation of symptoms and making right decisions about treatments is the utmost desire of this profession.

Employment and Career Opportunities in Dentistry

Dental Public Health Specialists
These are general dentists that promote good dental health. They work in order to prevent dental diseases.

They work in accord to straighten teeth by applying pressure. They also deal with braces and other tools for the care of same.

This dentist job is related to replacing missing teeth with the permanent fixtures.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
These dentists operate on mouth, teeth, jaw, gums etc and perform certain procedures such as removing impacted teeth or surgeries.

They are responsible for performing root canal therapies. These therapies involve removing nerves and blood supply from infected teeth.


A doctor, however, dentist are known for living up to high standards and attaining a good position in society. But indeed a good reputation requires hard work, as a dental career requires complete rigorous education for a good reason. In spite of all, such a public serving job brings a lot of pressure. There might come chances you leave the track of time while working.

Beside all ups and downs, Dentists seem to have enjoyed the benefits of their hard work.

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