Career Options after 12th for Commerce Students

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Career Options after 12th for Commerce Students

Commerce is the field of Study, which count the all activities and exchange process that are involved in the exchange of goods and services considered as the money, between the person and companies.

For the commerce students, who have adopted commerce as the stream of study in 12th Class, have enough of the opportunity and options, after the successful completion of Senior Secondary High School. There are wide ranges of Professional courses in which the students can get themselves enrolled and can better shape the future. However, the students have to select the subjects in the 12th class commerce stream. The subjects are as mentioned below:

3.Income tax
7.Business law
8.Business economics
9.Cost accounting
11.Business finance

The students, who have opted for the commerce field of study during their 12th class, can go for the following professional courses after the successful completion of the study of the 12th Class. Here is the list of those courses:

Bachelor of Commerce:

Students interested in the basic accounting and finance degree, along with several other options like economics, export-import, and HR, easily adopt the B.Com course after the completion of the school level study.

Bachelor of Management Studies:

Students who want to make a career in the management cadre of any industry for the purpose of taking care of the strategy and planning works of various departments that impacts business, can opt for Bachelor of Management Studies

Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Insurance:

Students, who are focused on getting into the banking and insurance sector can, take up this degree course.

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance:

Students who wish to get an in-depth knowledge on all accounting and finance methods, and focused on making a career in accounting and finance field can opt for this option of Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance.

Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Markets:

Students of commerce Stream, who wish to get an early start in understanding and making a career in the financial markets, i.e., stock or share markets, can opt for the BFM degree.

Bachelor’s Degree in Arts – Legal Law – Integrated – 5 years
Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Law – 3 years:

Students who wish to make a career as a lawyer in various disciplines can take up LLB or B.A.

B.A. / B. Sc in Applied Maths / Statistics:

For the Students, who wish to specialize in Mathematics or statistics as a career option can choose B.A / B. Sc degrees offered by the respective universities for the same.

Among, these professional courses, the trend has been heavily seen in favor of the Chartered Accountancy. Many of the students have been seen doing the preparation for the Chartered Accountancy. This is one of the most sought after professions among all of them and the main highlight of the course is that, after the completion of the course, the candidate gets a very reputed and a highly respected profession, in the country.

The students in the commerce field can choose among the following specialization of the degree. The specializations are as follows:

Mathematics and Statistics
Agriculture Economics
Chartered Accountants
Company Secretary
Stock Broking

With the various options open for the commerce students, there is no dearth of the jobs for them. The only concern is the matter of choice of the proper stream, which suits your strength and your mind. Running after the most sought after courses is a work of fools, and one must do justice based upon the talent and quality of oneself. One should properly analyze the interest in the area and judge accordingly.

Career in Commerce is bright for the students who opt for the Commerce field in their study during the 12th Class. With the world moving more towards the Economics reality, the choice of the students of the selection of the Commerce Stream as the study stream is a wonderful. Considering the up and down activity of market, talented commerce graduates are also needed to make a balance in the demand and supply.

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