Career Options after 12th for Science Students

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Career Options after 12th for Science Students

There are various courses after 12th class in which the students can get themselves enrolled for the better future. The students are from various groups; some opt for the Science, while others opt for Arts. Some others opt for the commerce too. Here, we are discussing the future courses for the students of science.

The science students, in fact, can be called for the students, who opted for the subjects like Physics, chemistry, Mathematics or Biology.

The students opting for PCM or PCB in class 12th can pursue their further study either in Engineering & technology, architecture, Medical and all art group fields.

Engineering and Technology

One of the most adopted careers by the students in the present scenario is the Engineering and Technology. The Engineering and Technology is the study of various subjects, which includes the following branches:

 Electronics and Communication Engineering
 Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
 Computer Science Engineering
 Information Technology Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering
 Civil Engineering
 Chemical Engineering
 Architecture Engineering
 Electrical and Electronics Engineering
 Aeronautical Engineering
 Biotechnology Engineering
 And many more
Even, there are more courses offered by several universities which come as dual course Program. Such Courses are in fact the process of going through two courses during the time of Engineering. For Example, Continuing with your Electronics and Communication Engineering, you can pursue your MBS course, too. The normal duration of these engineering courses is 4 years except B Arch, which is for the duration of 5 years. Dual Degree Programs, generally have the course duration of 5 years.


Becoming a doctor is yet another choice for the candidates, who have pursued their class 12th from science background. This course is for those students who have gone through the PCB stage during the class 12th of study. The course is of 5 years and 6 months of internship are required to be done, too.

B Sc

B Sc stands for Bachelor of Science. This course can also be adopted by the students, who pursued their Class 12th from Science. The course is of 3 year. The various subjects like science, maths, physics, computer science, biotechnology etc. After BSc, you may complete MSc and take up teaching jobs or research.


BDS or Bachelor of Dental Science is the course, which is of 5 years and for the candidates who want to become a dentist. For the course concerned, one should have studied Biology in Class 12th Board.

B Pharmacy

The course of 4 years and is the one which is basically for the candidates, who have the desire to become a medical representative or do a job in pharmaceutical Company.


To become an Ayurveda doctor, one has to complete the course of 5 years long and is for Biology stream candidates.


BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. The candidates from 12th science can choose this course. After completing BBA, you may go for an MBA and get jobs related to your degree.

Diploma Course

In case the candidates don’t get admission in engineering, they can take admission in diploma engineering. After the successful completion of the diploma, they can go for an Engineering degree. After you get your diploma, you have to attend an engineering college for only 3 years to get a degree of Engineering.

Pharma D

Pharma D is different from B Pharm. This is a course of 6 years and even can be considered as the combination of B Pharma and M Pharm. Having this Degree, there are lots of opportunities to work abroad if you have this degree.

12th Class is the first step towards the professional course, which actually decides what the course you are going to adopt in the future. This step will actually shape up your future and the entire progress of the life depends on the selection of the course after 12th class. By the stream, which the students select in the class 12th, the candidates have to select the future and shape it accordingly. Thus, it is advised to the candidates to select the stream during the time of the class 12th and should always adopt the stream, in which they are comfortable. Even after the class 12th, the candidates should adopt the future professional course based on your choice and after a deep thought process.

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