Career in packaging industry

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Packaging is nothing but packing of company products with target of making package both cost effective and purposeful. There is a separate department for this in every industry. They choose equipment, methods and apparatus and go into production of supplies thus reduce waste, unnecessary things.

Choosing career in packaging field is very nice option to choose as it has widening opening opportunities. Packaging field prefers individuals who are having good communicative skills, critical thinking. One should have to struggle with their performance very much for their survival. Stress and pressure will be there.

Educational qualification

Packaging field chooses its employees from various educational qualifications and places them into departments. Packaging engineers need under graduation professional degree of four years in industrial engineering, package engineering or any other related area. Several employers need experience in the field


One should compulsorily have good communication skills and critical thinking mainly to hold the career in packaging industry. Individual need to complete engineering degree in related areas with minimum of sixty percent of pass percentage. Students need to pass class twelve are eligible to take up course, by writing the common entrance test anyone can enter into this.
Particularly these skills are compulsory problem-solving and mathematics skills .Packaging engineers should also be expertise at multitasking, technical writing, scripting language and project management. Experience with statistical analysis, computer-aided design (CAD), system design, industrial control and project management software may be very useful. Packaging engineers may use micro-controllers, signal generators and sound measuring machines


Global company’s offer many opportunities for packaging, and hiring would be totally based on innovation and capability along with educational degrees. Job details and availability can be available in media, journals, newspapers, magazines, television and through internet search engines and websites.


Though it is tough to get seat in good colleges as they offer high cost range of one lakh per annum, some government colleges charge less amount. In some cases they offer scholarship for the people who are in need and who have talent.


Salary differs from company to company. In this industry, mostly salary would be based on talent however in general terms basic salary for an employee i.e. rs.8000-15000 and experienced ones are given a high package.
Payment range can vary from one group to another depending on the dimension and revenue. Accredited organizations have a huge set up while small may have just a handful of human resources looking after all the different jobs.


Talented and innovative people have a great career in a packaging industry. Talent is given high preference. Journey is to be done on regular basis.



• Highly growing industry thus more opportunities.
• Salary will be increased time to time.
• Opportunity to increase your capabilities.


• Heavy stress and pressure
• Regular Journey is required

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