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Want to see both sea and land at the same time and work seaside?Then you should look into the career of port management. Managing of ports is called port management. Port management always mixed with shipping of various types of allowed goods, road transportation, handling the material, health and safety of ships and ports. The surprise thing is 80% of world’s trading is happening through sea routes.

Port management totally covers the areas that ports are officially involved.
When it comes to ships, it’s not easy as other means of transport because ships has to sail through seas where no immediate stopping points available if an emergency situation happens in the middle of sea. So before any ship leaves with full of goods or people, it should be checked thoroughly in all aspects. This also comes under the responsibilities of port management. Ports usually deal with a number of activities like loading and unloading goods form ships. Choosing career in port management is a right choice those want to choose different and good career than other careers.

Educational Background

You are required a bachelor degree in Science/Technology/Engineering or management. Then you should complete your MBA or Postgraduate diploma in shipping and port management. There are also diploma/ certificate courses available. But post-graduation degree is preferable. Some universities/colleges are also offering post graduate courses along with certificate courses.

Institutions, which offered courses in port management
• Indian Institute of port management, Kolkata
• Periyar University, Selam
• Indian institute of logistics, Chennai
• Meridian International school of business, Noida
• International Marine Academy, Chennai
• National Institute of Shipping Management, Mumbai
Various courses in Port management
• MBA logistics and port management Eligibility
• MBA shipping and port management
• MBA logistics and shipping
• MBA shipping
• Post graduate diploma in port and shipping management
• Diploma in transport economics and management
• Diploma in port development and management
• EMBA in maritime management

One should definitely require excellent communication skills both in verbal and written. Fluency in English s must. Decision making and team leading skills required. Logical skills, self-confidence and problem-solving skills are also required. One more important thing you require some physical strength that requires in some the divisions in port management.


So many opportunities are available for people who seriously choose the career in port management. Importance of International trading is increasing. Sea-trading is not new term to the people of world. In ancient days also sea trading is one of the main/only trading businesses between the countries which are divided by sea. Having post graduate degree from reputed institutions with good skills helps you get better salary.


It costs up to Rs 1, 00,000 to 1, 50,000 for completing your MBA based on reputation and fee structure of the Institution.


You can earn a good salary in this field. A private port corporation gives you a better salary than government. You can enjoy both seas nature and good salary in this field.


• Learn how to manage people
• Friendly working Environment


• Sometimes it’s hard to adjust with port environment (for few people)

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