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A career in Print media can be an ideal option for people who have strong opinions on various issues plaguing our society or have a vision about various things in the world that is different from others. Print media can be considered a sub category of Journalism. The various political, socio-cultural, educational events or even various natural disasters that take place in remote corners of the world are brought to us through print media. Print media is normally considered to be only reporting but it also includes jobs for illustrators, cartoonists, editors, graphic designers etc.

Educational qualification

To become a journalist and work in print media, one needs to have bachelor’s degree in mass media, journalism or mass communication after completing class 10+2. Thereafter a post graduate degree is also needed in journalism or mass communication to become a journalist. Instead of a fully fledged graduation programme one can also pursue a year long certificate course in journalism which is offered by many reputed institutes in India.

Some colleges and universities offering courses for bachelor degree in journalism are Sikkim Manipal University, Banaras Hindu University, Jamia Milia Islamia in New Delhi, Amity School of Journalism and Communication in New Delhi etc.
One can also specialize in some particular area of reporting like sports, entertainment, Politics etc.


A strong and unbiased mind is the first and the foremost requirement to work in the print media. Sensitivity towards the plight of people in distress and the courage to put the real issues across to everybody is a must. A journalist has to be fearlessly opinionated and ready to work in situations that may demand his full potential. Also, print media is a profession which largely thrives on team work. So the aspirant has to be willing to work in a team with a respect for other people’s viewpoint, no matter however right he/she may feel he/she is.
Also, for obvious reasons, unparalleled and excellent command over the language in which one wishes to work. The command has to be both in the verbal and written mediums as well. The enthusiasm and the drive to make difference to the world are mandatory.


The salary for beginners may be anywhere between 10000-15000 rupees which gradually increases over the years with experience. Veterans in the field earn close to 2-3 lakh rupees per month.


• A chance to really do something that has an impact on how we perceive things.
• This profession makes the individual confident and fearless.
• A journalist knows how to use tact to his advantage.


• Many a times, a journalist has to be working in unfavorable and dangerous conditions as well.
• The bold and transparent opinions need to written with utmost courage as it might be offensive to some people.
• The deadlines in journalism are with minimal tolerance; hence the journalist has to be strict and punctual with his work.
• Working in a team where everyone has a solid opinion on a topic can lead to conflicts with team members.

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