Career in robotic engineering

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Robotic engineering is a science where robots can be generated. This is most commonly involving the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering. People who completed robotic engineering may work in different fields such as agriculture, military, medicals and manufacturing industries. There are plenty of opportunities in this field.

Choosing career in robotic engineering is a great option in growing industry. People with creativity and innovation are preferred over here. There should be a hard struggle to survive in this field. Destination times are high in this field. Laborious work involved, need to be patient.

Educational background

Robotics field chooses people from different backgrounds and allocates in to different departments. To come into this field one need to complete four years undergraduate degree in mechanical, electrical, computer science engineering, after that state license is issued as a robotic engineer after completion of Mtech in concerned field and doing PHD. Along with this passing grades on two professional exams are required: the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, which may be taken immediately subsequent to graduation, and the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam.


Robotic engineers compulsorily creative and highly talented individuals with a talent to think out of bound. They should have knowledge in advanced maths, applied physics, computer science. They should have an added advantage of mingling with others easily.

CAREER opportunities

Career opportunities involve Electro-Mechanical Technician, Mechanical Engineering Technician and robotic engineering. Electro mechanical technician is nothing but repairing and installing robotic assembly equipment and similar devices. Mechanical engineering technician is he who helps to create and verify computer schematics and other drawings .Under the supervision of engineers; they also build and install new components, evaluate performance through the use of tests and prepare reports from collected data.


It takes 1 lakh per year in very well established institutions. Whereas some confidential and public institutes exist which would charge lower in some cases scholarship is given but it will be based on fluent communication skills.


Salary varies based on organization range and returns and reputations. In this industry, mostly salary would be based on capacity however in general terms basic Staff would be given essential imbursement i.e. rs.5 to 10 lakhs salary and experienced ones are given a very expensive package.

Pay Structure can vary from one department to another depending on the size and turnover. Recognized companies have a large set up while small companies may have just a handful of employees looking after all the various jobs.


There is always demand for those people who have talent to regenerate or invent new things in this field, Stress and pressure will be there which can be managed. Scientific knowledge is given high preference. Educational qualification is to be there.



• Upcoming growth is there in this industry, Employment opportunities will also increase day by day.
• High salary is provided with increase of experience a highly satisfiable.
• Opportunity to learn new things. Mingle with different people.


• Heavy stress and pressure
• Time consuming and no timely job
• Long working hours

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