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With the appearance of different music channels on TV, Video jockeying is turning into an energizing vocation choice for the music insane era. The principle occupation of the VJ is to present music videos and host music related shows on Television. Yet, as rivalry builds, music channels are on the pattern of consolidating numerous various shows to pull in general society, particularly the young. So the VJ’s zone of work includes separated from presenting videos; facilitating amusement to travel shows to youth gatherings, talking with general society, doing meetings with specialists and music superstars and so on. So, they go about as mediator figures between the group of onlookers and the artists or music videos. It might likewise include off- cam work like settling on the subject and picking the melodies to suit the topic of the show, taking an interest in special like street shows, going to topic gatherings and with experience, notwithstanding composition script for the show on occasion.


No particular instructive foundation or formal preparing is obliged to be a VJ, with the exception of some individual properties. However a foundation in mass communication, visual communication or the performing arts proves to be useful.
An interest and affection for music is a key viewpoint. Alongside that, astounding non-verbal communication and dress sense, a wonderful voice, great summon over the obliged dialect relying upon the medium, vicinity of brain and a decent learning of music anybody can seek to be a VJ. One needs to become more acquainted with about the different styles of music, musical artists and collections. With the changing patterns one likewise needs to be very much educated for the most part on themes like legislative issues, travel and what is new.

Order over dialect is vital as video jockey needs to talk a ton. Some measure of voice preparing would most likely help as VJs need a voice that is clear, wonderful and solid. He ought to have the capacity to take part second choices, answer expeditiously, be vigorous and have a sublime comical inclination to make the show intriguing. He might likewise need to work flighty hours and travel widely.

Job Prospectus

VJs are mostly hired by Music channels, Producers of music shows and film based projects.
Other than prominent planned superintendents like MTV, Channel V, B4U music, MCM Asia and so forth, there is numerous numbers of channels including territorial ones who are popular of VJ’s. In any case, it is not simple to get a break in the field. You may be utilized on an agreement premise every show or on a full time premise. There will be paper includes calling VJ’s or VJ chases publicized on TV. The determination will be intense, which may incorporate a test on paper, on voice regulation or confronting the cam. Your screen vicinity, physical make-up and voice, and capacity to emerge in the group will go far in being chosen.


There is an incredible breadth for the calling with the blast of satellite stations and more music stations being propelled. The achievement of the music show depends totally on the VJ’s capacity to interface with the gathering of people and make them return for additional.

In spite of the fact that this is a fleeting vocation, inside that brief while compass, a fruitful VJ can win between INR15,000 to INR35,000, running up to lakhs relying on the ubiquity of the show. Aside from the income, the fabulous and fame connected with the calling pulls in youths to the field.

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