How to get Job into ISRO ?

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About ISRO ndian Space Research organization is the space agency is setup by Indian government in 1969. Head office of ISRO is located in bangaluru (ISAC) and was established in 1972. ISRO is the sixth largest government space agencies in the whole world. Vikram Sara Bhai is known as father of India’s space program. Qualification Required Indian Institute of space …


Career in Insurance Sector

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nsurance is a growing business in the country. The sector has witnessed substantial change ever since the opening of the sector to private sector investment. Liberalization has sparked off competition, resulting in the introduction of new products, improved customer service, deepening of the market for both life and non-life products, superior packaging of products and services, and, most importantly, tremendous …

event management

Event Management Career

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decade or so ago, event management was limited to high profile ceremonies, programs, and occasions. Cut short to current times when event management spans birthday parties to destination weddings. Even more significant is the progression of events from the wealthy to the middle class. According to one of the leading research reports, the Media and Entertainment industry achieved 11.8% growth …

law judiciary

Career in Law and Judiciary

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aw has been one of the most sought after professions in India along with medicine and engineering. Though there may be a pattern of family background, this is not essential and any student can become a successful lawyer if he has the passion and is prepared to work hard. The field was for a long time restricted to either civil …

chef career

Career option for Food and Kitchen Lovers

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career as a Chef has never before held more opportunities than now. The boom of the hospitality and restaurant industry in India is a testimony to this. According to the India Food Service Report 2013 by National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), the restaurant industry currently has, under its employment, 4.6 million people that is projected to reach up to …

hotel management

Career in Hotel Management

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lthough the career is spoken about as hotel management, employment opportunities also abound in clubs, on board ships and cruise liners, in hospitals, tourist lodges, airlines cabin services, etc. This is a career which is regarded as glamorous but which can be one of the most challenging as it calls for dealing with customers who demand nothing but the best. …

cyber security

Career in Cyber Security

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nformation technology and computer networks dominate every facet of day to day life from banking transactions to shopping, hotel reservations, holiday planning, utility bill payments, et al. But, concurrently, the last decade has witnessed increasing attacks on computer programs and cyber crimes have increased phenomenally. To arrest the spread of these crimes, cyber security has become essential. Industry prospects Information …

translation career

Career in Translation

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echnology and trade are unifying the world like never before. With the breakdown of trade barriers and the fluid movement of populations across borders, translation has become a necessity for the people of different countries to understand each other. In a country as diverse as India, with its plethora of languages and dialects, translation is essential even for people from …

medical transcription

Medical Transcription Career in India

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he medical transcription field is one which has ample job opportunities for any student who has reasonably good knowledge of English. The healthcare industry in the USA is intrinsically linked to medical insurance. Insurance procedures call for the maintenance of detailed medical records. The medical professionals and para-medicals create voice content that then requires to be transcribed into text, printed …

tours travels career

Career in Tours and Travels

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ravel and tourism is one of the largest earners of foreign exchange for India. A career in the industry involves constant interaction with people; domestic tourists and foreign tourists. Interactions could be with individuals, families, and for package tours, pilgrimage tours, adventure travelers, medical tourism, etc. A career in tours and travels is exciting and provided the career builder with …

fire engineering

Career in Fire Engineering Services

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ire is a disaster that can happen at any time – at home, at the work place, in shops, factories, railway stations, airports, in vehicles, etc. While the risk of fire is omnipresent, its prevention and management is also important. A career fire engineer is a specialized person who foresees the risks of fire in the architecture and setting of …

cloud computing

Career in Internet and Cloud Computing

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he internet plays a quintessential role in every facet of day to day life. Technology is changing daily and skilled manpower is required to keep the technology engine running. Web development is an important aspect of the internet that is essential to the efficient functioning of web sites. Web development is the building of a website on the worldwide web …

freelancer career

Career as a Freelancer

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Freelancer is a person who works on a contract-to-contract basis and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer on a long term arrangement. One of the major advantages of being a freelancer is the flexibility to choose the kind of work that you would like to be engaged with and the terms of the contract. Industry prospects There is …