Nobel Awards 2015

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oble prize is a set of annual international awards that take place in Stockholm, Sweden except for the Nobel peace prize that takes place in Oslo, Norway. The laureates or winners of this award are bestowed with a diploma, a sum of money that the Nobel Foundation decides and a gold medal that is a mixture of gold and silver. …

rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 overview

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lympics have always been one of the most prestigious sporting events and this year the honour of hosting the Summer Olympics was given to Brazil. They conducted the Olympics from August 5th to August 21st in Brazil’s city of Rio de Janeiro. This Olympics is commonly called as Rio 2016. Rio 2016 was riddled with controversies and fear of Zika …

Income declaration scheme

Income Declaration Scheme 2016

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Money plays major part in every day activities of people and society. Money is needed to purchase services or goods for living purpose . To earn money people start doing job or business . From the first day of  earning ‘ Income management’ is important for all to plan their future. As a part of society everyone has citizenship of …

Brexit : Some facts you need to know.

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What is Brexit? The exit of Britain from the European Union has been referred to as “Brexit.” This combination of names has come into politics right out of Hollywood where celebrity couples names are often combined to get one name. In June this year, the people of United Kingdom voted to show whether they wanted United Kingdom remain a member …

open universities

Open Universities in India

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pen Universities are those universities that do not need any entry prerequisites. It has an open-door policy for academics. The open Universities are different from Correspondence study. They have other policies of learning methodology. In India there are a number of Open Universities which can be checked at the Distance Education Council (DEC). Some of them are listed below: Ignited …

universities world

Top Ten Universities in World

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This institute is located at Massachusetts, United States. This institute is the most esteemed institute in the world. It is known for its commitment to advance technology and education to students. The advancements produced by this institute has changed the world. This university is located at Cambridge, United Kingdom .With more than 18,000 students from all walks of life and …

universities india

Top Ten Universities in India

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In India there are a total of 700 Degree granting universities of which 460 are State Universities , 129 are Deemed Universities , 44 are Central Universities and 67 are Institution of National Importance. The Top ten Universities among these are listed below: 1) Indian Institute of Science (IISc Bangalore) : IISc Bangalore, is India’s leading university that actively engages …

computer science sector

Digital India Mission

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igitalizing India is of the most courageous and the greatest initiative take by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The whole idea of this mission is to make India digital in and out. This mission has attracted a lot of citizens especially youngsters and has been employed at some places too. Digital mission is an umbrella programme that equips India with …


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World Cup is considered as the largest sports tournament, which engages about one fifth of the world’s population. There are a large number of Fans of International cricket council world cup which includes a billion of TV audience. The Cricket World Cup is a One Day International (ODI) competition in men’s cricket which is organized by the International Cricket Council(ICC). …

Microbial life beneath the ocean

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Microbial life beneath the ocean—IODP The IODP has found microbial life 2,400m under the ocean. The discovery of microbes living beneath the seabed off Japan was presented in the Geophysical Union Fall Meeting at America. The samples which were taken from the 2, 446 m of rock under ocean were analyzed for this discovery. IODP Key discovery It was revealed …

Germany Won Hockey Championship BY Defeating Pakistan

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Olympic Championship has won by Germany on 15th Dec 2014. This is 10th Hockey Championship trophy which is won by Germany. Germany defeated Pakistan hockey team by score of 20 goals in final hockey match on Monday. The final hockey championship match was held in Odisha, Kalinga Stadium. For 3rd position Indian team has lost to Australian team by 1-2 …

Andhra Government Announced Land Pooling Policy at Vijayawada for new capital

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ndhra Pradesh Government has announced new policy for land pooling to build new state capital located nearby Vijayawada in Guntur district. This policy is announced by the CM of Andhra Pradesh Government, Mr. N Chandrababu Naidu. On 9th Dec 2014 the land polling is started in the capital. In this polling of land approx 22, 405 farmers of 29 villages …

Indian National Highways List General Knowledge Series Part 4

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Indian National Highways List General Knowledge In most of exams some questions are definitely asked on Roads and Highways.So this article will be beneficial for study.So…Here is Indian National Highways list.National Highway number ,rout and related cities are given.More related information will be added soon .So be in touch… 1) NH-1 Jalandhar – Uri with length in km 663 2) …