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Career in Data Science

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Data Scientists are usually criticized as big data wranglers. They are known to analyze massive data and organize them through their technical, quantitative and programming skills. Later, their analytical powers help them introduce creative solutions to various challenging problems in business companies and different other sectors. Let us know how one can pursue a career in data science, and study about the opportunities of success in this field.


A career in data science purely varies from one industry to another. Some take recruits as proper data analysts while some combine their tasks with data engineers. Some might require skilled analysts in data visualizations and intense machine learning. Hence, responsibilities keep changing with the new levels of achievements. High-level employees may also work on big data projects and new products.

Some of the responsibilities associated with Data scientists career are mentioned below:

• Cleaning & Extraction of useful data from resources
• Conducting researches and framing questions
• Preparing data for use via programs, machine learning and other statistical methods
• Performs testing with data
• Invent new solutions to problems and recommend feasible solutions


If you wish to pursue a data scientist career, following are the education options available to you:

1. Graduation Degree
A conventional method of getting an education in required time and expenditure. It gives you a recognized academic degree, internships for your resume.

2. Self Guided course
These courses are comparatively short and cheap. They are very targeted and allow you to manage things on your own.

3. Bootcamps
These are faster than degrees to complete. You won’t be getting degree initials after your name, but you will be taught by practicing data scientists.

To be honest data science jobs are more focused on real-world problem-solving skills and that comes from good academic qualification. A majority of data scientists are well educated having masters or Ph.D. degrees. The technical skills required for a career in Data Science is very rare of those from non-advanced quantitative degree background.


The top 10 analytics training institutes in India are as follows:

1. AnalyticLabs – Online
2. Advance – Online
3. International School of Engineering (INSOFE), Hyderabad
4. Imarticus Learning (10+ cities of India)
5. Edureka-  Online
6. IMS Proschool ( Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar)
7. Manipal Pro Learn – Online
8. IVY Pro School ( Kolkata., Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune)
9. NIVT – Kolkata (classroom)/Online
10. Orange Tree Global – (Classroom & Online) Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon


“Data Scientist” is the hottest term associated with IT field. According to Burch Works Studies 2014, 36% of the data scientists are seen to be working on West coast. Data scientist jobs of entry-level give median salary of $100,000, which is 22% more than as compared to Northeast peers. Therefore, Salary offered in the career in data science varies from country and region.



Mathematics and machine tools and techniques ,
Software and engineering skills ,
Data mining, cleaning, and munging ,
Data visualization and techniques ,
R, SAS, SQL database, Python, C/C++, Java, Perl Languages
Big data platforms and cloud tools


Analytical Problem-Solving – The intellect of approaching high-level problems and coming up with apt methods to make the maximum profit of resources and time.
Intellectual Curiosity – The eagerness to explore and learn new solutions.
Industry Knowledge – The knowledge of how any of your selected industry works and in what ways data is collected, and utilized within it.


Various studies have commented that later in future, World is going to face a problem with people with deep analytical skills and capability to analyze big data and make effective decisions out of them. Therefore, the demand of data scientists is expected to remain high. Companies of every size, whether Google, Amazon or retail stores, everyone is looking for big data experts, while starting salaries are astronomical.

With the change in work-spaces, the works of data scientists and business analysts are observed to get merged. A career in data science is now engaged with responsibilities like Financial planning, budget, management works and much more.

Some of the common titles earned in the career of data science are:

•Business Analyst
•Data Analyst
•Data Engineer
•Data Scientist
•Data Architect
•Quantitative Analyst & much more.


•Indian Institute for Analytics (IIA)
•Data Science Association
International Machine Learning Society (IMLS)
•Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS)


1.Interesting Job to play with data
2.Great working Environment
3.No need to go in depth of projects


1.Loads of projects, therefore things happen quickly
2.Challenging problems to work on
3.Data scientists have big impact on things

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