Detailed Information on Exams conducted by LIC

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Detailed Information on Exams conducted by LIC

LIC is widely popular in being offering the candidates a government jobs in the insurance sector. The LIC Exams are also held at national level or all India level and are examined for the entry into the Posts of LIC Agents, LIC officers, LIC AAO etc. in the insurance field. LIC, which is the government organization which deals in the Insurance sector, is a famous organization in providing the people with various life insurance policies and schemes across the country.

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The exams held by the LIC are as follows:

1. IRDA Exam
2. LIC ADO Exam
3. LIC AAO Exam

Thus, we can see that the LIC offers three chances for the candidates who are interested to join their sector and get the government job of their own.

These exams can be discussed in the following ways:

1. IRDA Exam-

IRDA or the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Exam are being held each year by the Insurance Institute of India. The exam is not held at a particular date. The exam is conducted on the dates as agreed upon between the sponsoring insurer and the Institute having a condition that at minimum 20 candidates are ready to appear for the examination. This exam is one which is the also known as the LIC agent exam. The main highlight of the exam is that the result of the exam comes just after the 5 days of the examination. Upon passing this examination, the candidates receive the certificates, thus proving them that they passed the course in due course of time through their Sponsoring insurer. While in the case of failing the examination, the candidate must report to the Sponsoring insurer so that they allow them to take the examination in the next set of examination for the pre recruitment test.

2. LIC ADO Exam-

LIC ADO Exam is the one which is being conducted normally in the month of September. The exam is the one which paves the way for the entry into the job profile of Assistant Development Officers’ in the LIC. The notifications for this examination comes in the month of the July and can be generally find the employment news. The last date for the submission of the application form is generally in the month of August.

3. LIC AAO Exam-

One of the most important exam to get into the field of insurance, the LIC AAO exam is being conducted in the month of May. The notification of the exam comes in the month of the March in general. The LIC AAO Exam is the one which is meant for the purpose of the profile of Assistant Administrative Officers, the exam is held online. LIC’s Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) Exam is the exam, which gives a direct entry to the officer posts. Being recruited at this post, the person can hope to reach the highest posts in quick time and thus rise professionally at their best.

These exams are the three basic examinations which can pave the way for the candidates into the Insurance sector and can easily open the door into the LIC or the Life Insurance Corporation of India. The LIC conducts these exams on a yearly basis and on a timely basis so as to ensure they get the required workforce for the consistent and smooth working of the sector and never lack the good candidates.

The LIC directs the all India Competitive exams for the recruitment of LIC agents in the country. To become an Insurance agent, one must pass the IRDA Exam which authorizes him/her to work as an Insurance agent and can sell the policies that enable pay beneficiaries when a policyholder dies. These LIC agents are even regarded as the backbone of the LIC and are constantly rewarded in the recognition of their hard work. The LIC agents are also made to undergo in the training process which makes them professional in their approach while dealing with the people and offering them policies and benefits.

The LIC jobs are the good aspect for any good person who has the capability to progress and have enough confidence to motivate people to buy policies through them. The people with the proven sales ability have the option to the high earnings in the field and progress rapidly by meeting the goals and accomplishing the tasks.

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