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Digital India Mission

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Digitalizing India is of the most courageous and the greatest initiative take by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The whole idea of this mission is to make India digital in and out. This mission has attracted a lot of citizens especially youngsters and has been employed at some places too. Digital mission is an umbrella programme that equips India with a scientific future. It is expected to make lot of transformations in the Indian society. The key goal is to make technology the backbone of the country. This mission is an amalgamation of lot of ideas put together as a whole new one. This mission revamps existing schemes also. However, the newly proposed schemes are much more advanced and worthy for the country. This will ultimately lead to the growth and enhancement of the country. Also, this will bridge the gap between city and villages.

Some of Digital India Applications:

•Digital India Portal
•Aadhaar mobile Update App
•Swachh Bharat Mission App
•MyGov Mobile App

Vision Of Digital India :

•Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen
•Governance and Services On Demand
•Digital Empowerment Of citizens

Services offered by Digital India:

Some of the important services offered are BharatNet, DIGILocker, eSign, eHealth, eEducation etc. All these services have gained tremendous response and has opened a window of opportunity for many.

DIGILocker hugely reduces the space occupied by physical documents. This actually provides an exclusive storage space for e-documents and also Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) which helps to identify each document uniquely. Every citizen will have his own personal space that is linked with his Aadhar number. This helps to greatly minimize any loss or damage to important documents.

BharatNet mainly focuses on constructing a high-speed digital Highway to unite all the Gram Panchayats across the country. Initially, it will start with a small number which will gradually unite all the Panchayats.

eSign’s key goal is to completely overcome the problem of impersonation and related fraudulent activities. This will allow a person to sign a document digitally where, he/she is authenticated by their Aadhar Number.

MyGov App is a great platform that focuses on encouraging the participation of all the citizens in various activities of the country. Currently, a mobile version of this can be found in the portal

Next Generation Network (NGN) is a wonderful step take by BSNL that tries to replace old exchanges with new a new technology that is IP-based . Thus, it can maintain a variety of communication services. Also, BSNL has aimed to deploy a number of Wi-Fi hotspots across the country for quick internet access on the fly.

National Scholarships Portal aims at providing scholarship for various needy students after certain verifications.

eEducation :Education is one of the greatest assets of any country and thus the eEducation program has been initiated. This program is to mainly provide education to students even in remote areas with a smart phone or computer, thus make education cheaper and fun.

eHealth mainly aims at giving quality health services to the citizens across the country irrespective of their location. An Online Registration System (ORS) has been introduced.

Thus, this mission takes India to the next step towards growth and advancement by making it technologically strong and competent.

Official Site : Digital India Program

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  1. the fundamental characteristics of bureaucracy are that it is impersonal, rule bound, impartial and inorganic which makes it more mechanical and less flexible. Weber observed, as the western society was becoming more rational and scientific, it was also becoming more bureaucratic i.e. it was losing it’s human touch.

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