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Distance Education in India

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About Distance Education

One of the biggest step that is totally different from the traditional classroom setting is Distance Education. This method has helped many people hugely who actually have the thirst for learning but couldn’t do due to their geographical locations and time availability.

Although initially, Distance education had lot of criticisms, it has its own advantages. Until recently, distance education did not gain much popularity in India. But nowadays, it has gained huge response and popularity.

This beautiful idea, has led many people to take up studying when they thought they couldn’t. It allowed a lot many to perceive their dreams. There has been an exponential rise in the number of students who have enrolled and it is ever growing. Indian Government has understood this and has given a hand for this in order to make its citizens’ dream come true. This country’s distance learning system comprises of Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU), State Open Universities , establishments and Universities providing education and includes course of instruction Institutes (CCIs) in traditional bi-fold mode universities. Nowadays, this has become extremely important in order to carry on with education, update the skill set and providing education for those in locations that can’t provide good education facility.

When an individual decides for distance education, he/she must choose an accredited institution to pursue their studies. For that, one must know the list of Universities approved with distance education. A person must consider various criteria before applying for any university. Some of the important things to be considered are, the institution’s infrastructure, faculty members, academic system, visits from other professors, educationists, programs conducted, the course material and so on. Only if all the above issues are dealt, a particular university has to be chosen.

Distance Education is always done online and always look for University or College which is approved by DEB. So you do not need to look for the study centre.Lots of initiatives were taken by The Distance education Council (DEC) in order to elevate, maintain and co-ordinate standards of distance education system in India. Guidelines were developed to normalize the creation and working of this system across the country.

Almost every state in India has a list of accredited distance education universities to help those pursue their education. The importance of education has been hiked and distance education has played a great role in it.It can be through correspondence system or through open system. However, correspondence system has more advantages when compared to the open system.

The entire motivation behind the Distance education system is to give financially savvy, quality training to substantial segments of our populace including those living in remote regions of the country.This has been proved right at various places as it allows an individual to learn at one’s one pace and interest. With the ever growing technology learning is thus becoming easier every.

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