DST’s Scholarship Scheme for Women Scientists and Technologists

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DST’s Scholarship Scheme for Women Scientists and Technologists

Need of the Women empowerment

Women are the important sections of the society and that importance can be judged from the fact that the women constitute around 50% of the population of the country. Thus, the need for the betterment of the women is a must in order for the proper development of the country. The need for the better growth in terms of employment and education is a hard and fast for the overall solid foundation of the country. They are the ones, who can impart the better insights to the children, which are the future of any country. Thus, for the empowerment of those women, the government has been taking many steps ahead among which one such step is the DST’s Scholarship Scheme for Women Scientists and Technologists.

Overview of Scheme

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has launched The “Women Scientists Scheme (WOS)” in order to provide opportunities to women scientists and technologists between the age group of 30 years-50 years. The main aim of this scheme is to make the women, who desire to return to mainstream science and work as bench-level scientists, a easy step ahead. Through this scheme, The Department of Science and Technology is making great effort in order to give women a strong foothold into the scientific profession and help them re-enter into the mainstream profession. It also provides a better platform to the women into the field of science and technology so that the pure science and its application to societal development can be achieved in the best way. Under this scheme, women scientists are being encouraged to pursue research in frontier areas of science and engineering, on problems of societal relevance and to take up S and T-based internship followed by self-employment.

Category of Scholarships

There are three categories of scholarships, which are available for Indian Women. Under the institutional mode, recognized universities, national and state-level organizations, educations and R and D laboratories would be considered for grant by the Department.
The various categories of Scholarship available are indicated below:
• Scholarship for Research in Basic/Applied Science (WOS-A)
• Scholarship for Research in S and T – based Societal Programs (WOS-B)
• Internship for the Self-Employment (WOS-C)
The scheme is meant to encourage women candidates, preferably those having a break in career and not having regular employment, so that they can start their career ahead.

Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-A)

The ‘Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-A)’ of the Department of Science and Technology is the scheme which is aimed to provide opportunities to women scientists and technologists to pursue research in basic or applied sciences in frontier areas of science and engineering. Under the special provision the encouragement of those women scientists who have had breaks in their careers is being made. This scheme is in fact the best platform for the candidates up to the age of 50 years to come back to mainstream science and work as bench-level scientists in the field of science and technology.

Women Scientists Scholarship Scheme (WOS-B)

This is yet another scholarship for women, which focuses specially to encourage women scientists involved in research and application of innovative solutions for several social issues. This scholarship is available to the aspiring women scientists, who are willing to work in the field of research, design, adaptation and demonstration of Science and Technological skills and techniques for improving the income generating activity and reducing drudgery of weaker sections of our society in various occupations and improving the capacity of building on the societal programs at the ground level.

Women Scientists Scholarship Scheme (WOS-C)

Under the scheme, “Women Scientists Scholarship Scheme (WOS-C)” , the main aim is to train women who have qualifications in science or in engineering or in medicine or allied areas in the area of intellectual property rights (IPR) and their management for a period of one year. In order to improve the work from home behavior of the women candidates, the scheme aimed to provide a good balance of the professional along with the domestic demands. This scheme is under the guidance of Patent Facilitating Centre (PFC) of Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) on behalf of DST.
Through these 3 schemes, the government aims to improve the conditions of the women, who especially after marriage have to leave their career behind in order to support the family.

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  1. Sir, i have submitted my Ph. D thesis in physics 5 months back. Am I able to apply for WOS-A fellowship under Ph.D category. I kindly request you to give me details please.

  2. Sir,

    I am Research scholar from Biotechnology. Other than these WOS , any other fellowship are there for Ph. D research in University Level?
    May I know sir?

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