Duties of a Bank Clerk

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Duties of a Bank Clerk

One of the easiest ways to enter into the Banking Sector is the Clerical Method. With some intelligence and some speed, the candidates can easily crack the Bank Clerk Examination.

The Complete Job Profile of the Bank Clerk can be as follows:

Bank clerks handle various tasks that include Financial, Interest and accounts administration, and other such in the Banks. When we divide the Complete Profile of Clerks, into smaller subdivisions, the following is the Profile.
• Account clerks: They are responsible for opening and closing of accounts of Customers.
• Interest clerks: These kinds of Clerks keep track of all kinds of interests, which involve savings account customers and interests owed to the bank on loans and other investments.
• Exchange clerks: They are responsible for managing translations of amount from one currency to another during transactions.
• Statement Clerks: They are responsible for creating monthly balance sheets for checking customer account activities.
• Loan Clerks: These Clerks are responsible for the proper organization of all sorts of information about currently running Loans.
• Security clerks are responsible for maintaining security of confidential transactional data which involve keeping track of various bonds, investment documents and many such confidential data.

These are just the basic clerk job profiles. Generally Bank clerks also have to carry out other administrative tasks such as typing customer letters, data entry and other important tasks.

Many people think that Bank Clerk Jobs is not that good but when you ask us, the job is one of the easiest ways to enter into the Banking Sector. The timely working makes the Bank Clerks comfortable and the easy job Profile can be greatly seen in the villages areas where the working duration of these People is too less. On general aspects, we are discussing the Job Profile and other details of the Bank Clerk as below:

Job Profile

The Bank clerks are assigned front office seats in the bank and are required to directly face the customers. However, they can also be given administrative office or back office of the bank and in that case they have to do only back office work and public interaction is not much in such offices. Many branches have separate counters for separate work such as fixed deposits, RTGS NEFT, drafts, cheque postings, clearing, cash receipt and payments etc and thus depending on the size of the branch and work load and the Workforce of the Branch, the work is allotted on different counters by the Branch Officers. There may also be a “Single Window Counter” on which all types of work can be performed or there can be dedicated counters for specific works. The Bank Clerks must be sharp and quick and should have a pleasing personality to perform the duties of a clerk effectively. In SBI, this has been seen that the work load is a little bit more in comparison to other banks. But talking of career aspects and pay Structure, SBI also provides you better career opportunities and a better platform to learn.

Career Path of a Bank Clerk

The probation period of a bank clerk is normally 6 months. Clerks are also being given opportunities to get promotion into Officer Cadre just after 3-4 years of job. However, In State Bank of India, the candidates can get opportunity to have a promotion as a Trainee Officer after 3-4 years of job and once the candidates get the promotion, they are almost equivalent to that of a Probationary Officer and thereafter will get all the opportunities and facilities such as faster promotions, higher salary, perks like Newspaper Bills, Travelling Allowances, lease house accommodation, foreign postings etc.

Salary and perks

Although starting salary of a bank clerk is not very attractive, but still the candidates can change their destiny by getting promotion into officer cadre, where they will be entitles to get very handsome salary and perks. Currently, Bank clerks are getting paid in a pay scale of Rs. 7200 – 19300/ Month (Approx Rs. 13,500/Month). The pay will increase as the next pay revision occurs. The salary increment process is in way and hopefully a good news can be reached at any moment of time.

Right Approach

The most important thing to get success is right approach and attitude. If the candidate can deliver good performance having with a positive attitude, the candidate is bound to get success and efforts will be surely recognized by the bank. Banks, these days are looking for the people who can enhance the image of the bank by their work and attitude. Good workers and positive minded candidates are always recognized in the banks and the chances of their promotions are always high.

Eligibility Criteria

Talking of the general terms, Bank clerks are required to be Intermediate pass (or equivalent such as a diploma) within an age group of 18-28 Yrs. However, some banks ask for graduates in age group of 20-30 yrs. So, candidates should carefully examine the notification before applying for any clerk job to make sure they meet the eligibility criteria. Knowledge of computer is always preferred for the selection.

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