Economics MCQ – 1

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1. What is the expected Gross domestic product (GDP) growth in 2015-16
a. 10%   b. 15%   c. 7.7%  d. 5%

2. According to whose research, is India expected to become the fifth largest market in the world in infrastructure projects, up from 5.3 per cent in 2015 to 9.8 per cent in 2030?
a. RICS   b. TCIS   c. BTIP   d. CDMA

3. What was the count of retail folios for the equity-oriented mutual funds (MFs) category in India for October – December 2014 quarter?
a. 763,000   b. 1.18 Million   c. 900,803   d. 603,000

4. In 2015, what is the growth percentage over the last year for electricity generation?
a. 2%   b. 5.9%   c. 8.4%   d. 7%

5. What is the remittance received by India according to world bank in the year 2014
a. US $ 60 Billion   b. US $ 70 Billion   c. US $ 65 Billion    d. US $ 85 Billion

6. Percentage growth for car sales in India for the year 2014-15, (according to SIAM) was,
a. Almost 4%   b. Almost 5%   c. Almost 3%   d. Almost 6%

7. In FY 2014-15, earnings (in Crore) of Indian Railway was
a. Rs 157,880.5   b. Rs. 200,000   c. 250,000   d. 100,000

8. In FY 2013-14, earnings (in Crore) of Indian Railways was
a. 90,000   b. 140,761.27   c. 120,000   d. 210,000

9. In Cycle Production, India ranks,
a. 2nd Largest   b. 5th Largest   c. 9th Largest   d. 3rd Largest

10. Total registered companies in India in 2005 were
a. 6.19 Lakh   b. 7.13 Lakh   c. 7.96 Lakh   d. 9.9 Lakh

11. In milk production, India ranks,
a. 1st   b. 2nd   c. 3rd   4. 4th

12. What is the estimated GDP (PPP) for India by 2030?
a. $ 13,176Bn   b. $15,000 Bn   c. $ 20,000 Bn   d. $ 9000 Bn

13. India is _____ largest exporter in the world
a. 9th   b. 12th   c. 15th   d. 19th

14. India is ______ largest importer in the world
a. 10th   b. 19th   c. 21st   d. 5th

15. In India what is the second largest source of employment after Agriculture?
a. Information Technology   b. Textile Manufacturing   c. Research and development d. Defense Services

16. The estimated economic value for retail industry in India is
a. $ 40 Bn.   b. $ 30 Bn.   c. $ 450 Bn.   d. $596 Bn.

17. India ranks _____ in farm outputs.
a. 2nd   b. 9th   c. 15th   d. 1st

18. Agriculture contributes approximately ___ of Indian population
a. 40%   b. 58%   c. 25%   d. 80%

19. In Gross National Products, agriculture contributes approximately___
a. 20%   b. 21%   c. 17.5%   d. 18.9%

20. Population under poverty line is approximately
a. 26%   b. 29%   c. 30%   d. 15%

21. A more reliable indicator for development of a country is
a. Its gross production   b. Its agricultural product export   c. Its Per Capita Income   d. Its growth in infrastructure bond value

22. Who started Operation Flood?
a. Dr. Norman Borlaug   b. Dr. M.S. Swaminathan   c. Dr. Verghese Kurien                 d. Dr. William Gande

23. What was the green revolution about?
a. Increase in tree plantation   b. increase in oil seeds production    c. Decrease paper consumption    d. None of the above

24. Blue Revolution was targeted to increase
a. Rice production    b. Wheat production    c. Poultry production    d. Fish Production

25. Largest Tea production is in which state?
a. Tamil Nadu     b. Assam          c Sikkim        d. West Bengal

26. National Agriculture Insurance scheme was finally rolled out in the year
a. Oct. 2000       b. Oct. 1998        c. Oct. 1997      d. Oct. 1999

27. Estimation data for India’s National Income is released and issued by

a. CSO (Central Statistical Organization)                                                                                  b. Planning Commission                                                                                                             c. National Data Center                                                                                                                d. None of the above

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