Why electricity is mandatory for modern living?

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Can we think of a life without electricity? Probably not. This is more so as the free flow of electrons, otherwise called electricity, has become an inextricable part of our daily lives and influences every notable aspect of it.


Today we talk of the golden age of communications. If there weren’t computers and other assorted gadgets powered by electricity, would we have bee able to enjoy the comforts in life that we currently do. The entire global communications system would have been archaic as it was a few hundred years ago and we would have had to rely on human couriers and the archaic postal system to have our messages delivered. As long as a power source is present, using the Net or even a mobile phone is easy and eliminates all problems related to long distance communication.


Try living in a tropical country with its severe summers without fans and air conditioners. Or for that matter, in a cold country without central heating. Or even running your home without electric toasters, washing machines, electric mixers and grinders, microwave ovens and electric cooking grills. Yes, electrical gadgets have indeed made living much easier and there are no doubts about that. And that’s what makes electricity indispensable to our daily lives. A house without lights, moreover, would have been an extremely unsafe and insecure place to live in.


The concept of entertainment too, has undergone a sea change ever since electricity has become an integral part of our lives. Electronically operated video games and DVD players make it much easier for children to be entertained at home, radio and televisions watching has become easily possible as are movies in 3D, &D & even 11D movie halls, which were unimaginable in the pre-electricity era. A short power cut in hotels and restaurants when you are visiting them proves how important electricity is in their smooth running as well.

Professional work

Would factories and offices have been operationl if electricity had not been there? Most obviously not. Be it a corporate office, a manufacturing unit or a construction site, electricity is needed everywhere. Be it a white-collared or blue-collared work environment, the common binding element is electricity. Countries which record lower power generation are always known to have a lower Gross Domestic Product because of lower national productivity from their agricultural and/or industrial sectors. With electrically operated combined harvesters and other agricultural equipment, it has now become possible to increase agricultural production considerably. This in turn, proves again the importance of electricity.


In view of eroding resources of natural fuels like petrol and coal the world over, efforts are on to identify and use alternative routes of fuels and energy. Most developed countries are, therefore, resorting to electricity to run and operate their public transport systems. We now have high-speed magnetic levitated trains, battery-operated cars and buses, which are not only eco-friendly but extremely cost-efficient as well. This in the long run, will not only eliminate harmful carbon emissions but reduce the much dreaded global warming as well.


The importance of electricity is also illustrated sharply and clearly by the global food industry. Food processing units, fast food chains, hotels and restaurants would come to a complete standstill. Food production, moreover, is now a highly mechanized and time-efficient process which has only been possible due to the application of electrical gadgets. A meal that is served in minutes surely is prepared by a gadget that runs on electricity and nothing else.

With the world’s natural fossil fuels that are used to generate electricity running out fast, efforts are on to discover and implement renewable electricity sources by way of hydroelectric power from running water and geothermal energy from ground heat. These have proved successful and will benefit mankind in the long run.

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