Essential Tips to Maintain Your Image Online

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Social networking sites have created a level of connectivity unheard of until recently. Re-establishing old connections is just a simple search away.

But recently there has been uproar about people posting things that have hurt the sentiments of some other groups or communities that even lead to a few arrests of the people who posted that content. Recently, a case of the Hyderabad college student befriending young girls on Facebook and eventually blackmailing them has created headlines and once again rung the siren to review user behavior online.

The guidelines for interacting and conversing in a polite, positive, considerate, and respectful way apply to all these social media sites. You need to take care of what you write and post. People who read your posts have are the words on their screen. They don’t know your body language or know your tone of voice to help interpret the meaning of your message you intended to convey. For instance you might have been joking; they may read your comments as rude or spiteful. Hence, take time to review your posts before you hit that post or tweet or the publish button.

Post sensibly: Everything you post can be viewed almost immediately by anyone. Even if you take down the post, someone may have already seen it in the limited time it was live. Posting negative or hurtful content only show the person in very poor light and character.

It’s your image: Not only does what you say matter, how you say it reflects your personality as well. Choose words carefully, use proper punctuation, spell correctly and check for profane words. Relying on the auto correct can sometimes go all wrong. For example, you intend to type field and the unexpected output might be filed.

Pro tip: Avoid too many text abbreviations as not many would be aware and leads to confusion.

Stay smart: Learn how to use the privacy settings to limit the content you share.

Pro tip: It is not imperative that you must always accept every friend request, particularly those from strangers. If you intend to befriend someone whom you don’t know, send a message as to why you want to connect. Photographs of yourself and of your family must be uploaded carefully. You can and should untag yourself from anyone else’s page if you’re uncomfortable being identified. Alternately, you can also ask him to remove the tag or even remove that image.

Bonus tip: Beware of linking Twitter to your Facebook page. Your multiple tweets may dominate the newsfeed of your friends.

Pro tips from experts:

– It is OK to delete a friend’s comment on your post.

– Unfriend / Block someone whose presence makes you uncomfortable.

– Ignore quizzes, game requests, group invitations and other event requests.

– Ignore a friend request.


Words of wisdom – Think of a social network as a street you’re walking on. People around watch you and you obviously wouldn’t want to do anything in the online sphere that you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in day to day life.


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