Exams conducted by IBPS

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Exams conducted by IBPS


,which is widely known for the conduct of common written examinations for the purpose of Bank vacancies, is responsible for several such exams each year.

The List of those exams conducted by IBPS is as follows:

1) Common written Examination for Clerks.
2) Common written examination for PO/MT
3) Common Written Examinations for Specialist Officer
4) Common written Examination for RRB Officers
5) Common written Examination for Office Assistants

These exams are being conducted all throughout the year at some fixed time and time difference and thus IBPS needs to be on the toe to get the planning of these examinations at the proper place.

If we talk about these examinations in details and their notifications and date of conduct, we may arrive at the following conclusion:

1) CWE Clerks Examinations

This exam is being conducted each year during the month of December. However, the dates for these exams are always tentative and there is no fixed schedule for the examinations. But the most important and noticeable point regarding the services of IBPS is that they bring out the notification for the calendar of the examinations conducted by them, much before which enables the students to plan accordingly. The application form notification of the CWE Clerks Exams usually comes in the month of August. These exams usually are conducted in two dates due to the large number of candidates with the time duration of 1 week. Students in two groups are divided and are required to appear at the dates applicable.

2) CWE PO/MT Exams

Regarding CEW PO/MT, these exams are conducted each year in the month of October or early November. Just as the CWE Clerks, the exams for the PO/MT exams are also conducted at two dates with some students appearing on one date while the other section of students appearing on another date. The notification of these exams usually comes in the month of July in general and is given the time duration of approx. 20-25 days to fill the forms. The dates for the conduct of the examinations are as usual tentative, but the good thing is that candidates are informed tentative dates much before.

3) CEW Specialist Officer

This Exam is the one which is usually conducted each year at the last among all the five exams conducted by IBPS. The exam for SO or Specialist officers is being conducted in the month of February after the completion of the Clerk exams. The notification of these exams usually appears in front of candidates in the month of November of the previous year. About 20 days of the time are given to the students to fill the form. The Specialist officers exams include the examinations for various posts which includes posts for IT Officers scale 1 and Scale 2, Agricultural Field Officer scale 1, Rajbhasha Adhikari Scale 1, Law Officer Scale 1 and Scale 2, HR/Personnel Officer Scale 1, Marketing Officer Scale 1, Chartered Accountant Scale 2, Manager Credit Scale 2 and Finance Executive Scale 2.

4) CWE RRB Officers

These exams are the first exams to be held among all the exams conducted by the IBPS. It may be said that these exams mark the beginning of the exam season to the entry into the banks. The notification of these exams comes in the month of June last and remains there in the starting month of July each year and the exams for these RRB Officers posts are being held in the month of September. The same is the scenario with these exams too with the conduct of examinations in two phases as with other exams.

5) CWE Assistants

Another set of exams being held for the entry into the RRBs i.e., in the Regional Rural Banks. It is the exam, which is being conducted each year just after the exams for CEW RRB Officers with the duration of around 14 days. The same goes for the notifications of the application forms and the same goes for the exam schedule. The exams are conducted each year in the month of September while the notifications appear in the month of July.

IBPS conducts these exams with much more efficiently and with much balanced manner. Regarding these exams, it has been seen that due to the large number of students appearing for the exams, exams are also scheduled on Saturdays besides the Sundays. However, due to the calendar of the IBPS which mentions all the details of the upcoming exams, enables the candidate to better prepare them for the entry into the banking sector.

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