How to Face Interview for Civil Services Exam

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How to Face Interview for Civil Services Exam

This stage between the mains examination and the final interview is the most amazing period of the civil services exam preparation, it supports certainty and makes you feel that you are deserving of being an officer. There is an exceptionally solid feeling around oneself, as cracking the IAS mains exam is no little accomplishment. At that point there are questions and instabilities as well; with plenty of inquiries in one’s brain but remember that you need a solid conviction that this is simply going to be an alternate stage where you will exceed expectations.

First and foremost thing to begin with, never forget this is only a Personality Test; they have effectively tried and tested your insight, content, diagnostic capacity and essential qualities required to reach to this level.

As per the  Kothari  Committee of the  UPSC  the interview looks for clarity of expression, grasp of narrative and argument, reasoning and mental strength, appreciation of diverse views, awareness and concern for socio -economic issues, ranges and an interest in personal attributes and communication skills that come in handy while interacting with people.

While, the examinees can ask about anything on earth, there are a few basics which every candidate must prepare thoroughly. Information about one’s home state in detail must be on fingertips, you should also know about your school, college, if there are any famous alumni then you should know about them. The last subject that a candidate has studied in his/her graduation or post graduation level is also important and must be prepared in detail as majority of questions will be based on that particular subject.

One must never forget that it is not about facts only and the capacity to investigate and basically analyze an issue is the thing that really matters. Opinion is what matters here and the examinee is looking for your own ideas and opinion rather than mere factual or borrowed information in an interview.

Sign of a perfect candidate is humility particularly when an individual is invested with so much power and obligation as an IAS; it is not difficult to get influenced by the force one holds; so one must always appear humble in the interview.

However, most imperative is the “purpose to serve individuals” and this must get engrained in a civil services aspirant’s soul as unless this is the motive for serving then it is very difficult to keep the momentum going. A solid conviction to serve society should be effectively portrayed in your non-verbal communication, your dialect and your tone. The Civil Services interview is a life time opportunity and you can do well just in the event that you are humble, confident, mentally alert, level headed and have high conviction that should reflect well while you speak.

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