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Career opportunity in Food Science and Technology sector

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Food science and food technology, both are distinct terms, but are strongly correlated for the fulfillment of needs. One deals with the optimization of agricultural output and another says about the implementation of those improvements. Together a career in food science, technology affords the opportunities to the researchers to ensure tangible impacts on people’s diet around the world. A majority of food science jobs involves research oriented responsibilities in companies, universities and labs. Also, Manufacturing industries invite a considerable amount of technologist and scientists to work for them.

About Food Science

A career in food science, technology is an impressive selection of candidates as it covers a large business all over the world. The need to keep a check on the quality of food served to the people is a huge matter of concern. Various modern food techniques are introduced to enrich the nutritional value of the food through the means of the right combination of ingredients and processes to produce a favorable outcome. Some of these food techniques are spray drying, colorants, preservatives, juice concentrates, etc. According to the Corporate Catalyst India (CCI), India is second largest food producer and consists the potential to be number one in the global market. Consumer industries are the major area of growth in India and produce packed eatables such as pasta, breads, pastries, cakes and many more products. The food science, technology jobs are fully dedicated to food production and its processing afterwards. With the growing population the consumption of food and adoption of various food technologies is observed on a large scale, providing the benefits to the aspirants of career as food scientists or technologist.

Educational Requirements

Undergraduate degrees in agricultural are considered relevant to a career in food science, technology, however, any science or engineering degree is welcomed. The entire course work has to be divided into classroom, laboratory and fieldwork and courses must be covering biology, chemistry, statistics, calculus, nutrition and health. Students are also expected to take writing and oral classes for the benefit of their working projects.

An integrated education program of undergraduate and advanced studies is offered by various universities. Private companies require a bachelor’s degree, but university jobs ask for masters or a PH.D. for proper consideration. The plus point is that food scientists don’t require a license to practice in their field.


One can refer to the following Entrance Exams:
•  IICPT – Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology Entrance Exam
•  GATE Food Technology Entrance Exam
•  AIJEE/JEE – All India Joint Entrance Exam


To obtain a degree in food science, one can opt for the given degree options:
•  B.E/ B.TECH in Food Technology
•  B. Tech in food engineering
•  B.Sc. in Food Technology/ Food and Nutrition/Food Preservation
•  M.E. /M. Tech in food technology
•  M.Sc. Food Technology
•  PhD Food Technology


1.  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad
2. University of Delhi, New Delhi
3. Manipur University, Imphal
4. Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
5. University of Calcutta, Calcutta
6. University of Mysore, Mysore
7. University of Madras, Madras
8. Kanpur University, Kanpur
9. University of Bombay, Fort, Mumbai
10. Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar (Punjab)


You may note that there are plenty of options and opportunities available in Career in food science technology. People with good experience and deserving attributes are awarded a lot of opportunities in this field. Both the public and private sectors are open to the aspiring candidates of food science technology. Even the fresher’s are welcomed to establish themselves in the industry. A variety of opportunities are available in different companies such as food processing companies, food research companies, catering companies, restaurants etc. The people holding impressive experiences are often served the chances to visit abroad and cross check the quality of food being served.

Salary Structure

Food technologist is in great demand in the food based industry and hence they get placed in food processing companies, food manufacturing companies, hotels, etc. On an entry level one can expect anywhere between Rs.10,000 – 15,000 however, as you gain experience you get promotions and appraisals the salary also increases. The salary also depends on the size of the organization and the economic state of the country.

Employment and Career Opportunities

Below are the few companies which are related to this field:
•  ITC limited
•  Amul
•  Agro Tech Foods
•  Nestle India Pvt Ltd.
•  Britannia Industries Ltd.
•  Hindustan Lever Limited
•  PepsiCo India Holdings
•  Dabur India Ltd. And so on.


Food technology is in great demand these days because food has been the basic necessity for all forms of life. With increasing population, there’s a strong need to adopt techniques that can match the productivity of food with the pace at which the size of our country is increasing. So, there’s an ongoing need of scientists, researchers, quality analysts and managers in the food industry.

Along with the high demand and growing opportunities, this job is straight forward in its demands and taste of diversity.

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